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    Sold my 2002 ST

    It still looks great for a nineteen year old truck. The new owner will especially love the rear power window.
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    First ST 2007 Limited

    I've got a 2010 Limited, as well, and I'd also like to hear more about the camera as I'd like to install one in mine.
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    First ST 2007 Limited

    Can you tell us more about the camera? Is it forward or rear facing or both? Make and model, and any installation issues. I've got a 2010 Limited I'd like to add a camera too.
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    First ST 2007 Limited

    Very nice! It still looks new.
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    Bed Extender Fitment

    When I bought my 2010 it didn’t come with a bed extender, but I found a used one locally for $80 in new condition. It dropped right in with no additional hardware needed.
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    For sale 2010 Sport Trac, 55,000 miles, 2 owner

    Hi there, I'm curious where you got your hardware levelling kit. I have a 2010.
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    New Guy!

    Glad to see you here. I’ll check out that guy on YouTube.
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    New from Wisconsin

    Hey, I, too, am a Sport Trac-owning grumpy old bald guy up here in British Columbia, 🇨🇦 Canada. LOL I’ve got a 2010 V8 Limited. I absolutely looove this truck.
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    Greetings From Cloverdale, British Columbia, Canada

    Hi everybody, I am thrilled to have found this web site and am soaking up all the great information from other owners, so thank you all for that. I purchased a 2010 Sport Trac Limited two months ago and am really enjoying it. It's a one owner truck with low kilometres in mint condition and...
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    I have 2nd gen tonneau and bed extender available

    Hi there. I am interested in your bed extender if it's still available.