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    Good to find other Sport trac owners

    Simba pop….I remember it. It ”conquered the African thirst.”😎
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    Check Parking Aid light is on…

    Thx but I already checked the sensors ”by ear” and none were out. Strangely, at the same time I noticed the ”check parking aid“ light coming on and no more beeping sound - one of the cargo lights on the third brake light over the bed had gone out as well. So I ordered two replacement led...
  3. DKF

    Check Parking Aid light is on…

    The “Check Parking Aid“ light is on in the center of my speedo info bar. I listened for the beeping sounds and all 4 rear sensors seem to be working fine. What else can I check to figure out why the beeping no longer sounds when I go in reverse?
  4. DKF

    Back up camera suggestions

    Which model Lock-pic?
  5. DKF

    Rear window

    I had my sliding back window replaced by Safelite. Works like new now. Wasn’t cheap - $600 and change, but worth it.
  6. DKF

    '05 Dark Cherry Metallic LTD

    Nice color - don’t see many of them
  7. DKF

    '05 Dark Cherry Metallic LTD

    Got any pics?
  8. DKF

    Bigger wheels/tires for 2008 Limited

    Yeah, those would be a throwback. Only problem with chrome is the car washes in our city give you the automatic armor - all on your tire’s - so you get to wipe it off your chrome wheels after every time through the wash.
  9. DKF

    Bigger wheels/tires for 2008 Limited

    The headlights are really cool too- easy to swap out?
  10. DKF

    New Enthusiast

    This 2008 I bought with 234,000 miles on it. 2 owners and it looks showroom. The guy I bought it off of had every record of every oil change and service done to it. Took it to our local Ford dealer and said fix whatever needs fixing- they could not find anything. They also could not believe how...
  11. DKF

    Bigger wheels/tires for 2008 Limited

    Looks really nice, jetmech. I guess I’m a bit old school because I still like chrome wheels. These black wheels that are all the rage just remind me of wheels that are missing hubcaps.
  12. DKF

    Bigger wheels/tires for 2008 Limited

    Well I definitely don’t want to lift it. And I never even thought about incorrect speedo and worse gas mileage. I’ll stick with the original size rims when I replace them…thx
  13. DKF

    Bigger wheels/tires for 2008 Limited

    I’m a newer member, bought a really clean 2008 Limited a few months ago. I want to upgrade the wheels and tires. Has anyone gone to the 20” versus the original 18” wheels that came on it? If so, how does it look, hopefully someone has pics of theirs with the larger wheel/tire combo. Also, did it...
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    Parts Wanted sold

    Beautiful truck. What kind of headlights are those and where did you get them?
  15. DKF

    2010 navigation update

    Heres the one I bought…paid $399 for it: