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    Leaking head gasket.

    I've used the sealants on: Ford Econoline 150 1982 with the old v6 4.9L engine, for about 3 months until radiator replaced Acura MDX 2006, about three years now my Sport Trac, about 3 months So far no permanent damage noticed in any engine. It's theoretically possible as Todd Z says. The old...
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    differential cover with drain plug

    yes, upon poking around I think there isn't enough room inside the cover, for the cheap oil drain plugs to fit. Any homebrew solution will involve welding. I just gave up, cheated and used a mityvac to suck out the old oil ;-) Listed capacity is 5.5 to 5.8 pints, I got just over 6 pints out...
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    odd clonk

    was getting the odd clonk from the front L over bumps and dirt roads etc. It was time to rotate wheels anyway, pulled the wheel off et voila ! Easiest diagnosis in my 45 years of wrenching.. the sway bar is clearly not linked. the bolt had rusted down to about 2/3 of original size, and...
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    brake light mystery

    just for completeness - there was a break/short in the wire going back through the chassis to the driver side light. I took it to Pep Boys, they charged $50 for diagnosis and $73 for repair which I thought was fair.. would have taken me a long time to get that done.
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    differential cover with drain plug

    thanks - I don't have welding tools, was thinking of something like the Dorman oil drain plug. Guess a new diff cover is cheap anyway, maybe will buy a new one, drill it and fit the plug. That way I have the original cover in case my drilling goes bad.. ha.
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    differential cover with drain plug

    thanks, that price is a bit less frightening.. so I can have a Mustang upgrade on my weary old truck, wotthehell, it's as close as I'm getting to driving a Mustang ;-)
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    brake light mystery

    found my brake lights weren't working, all 3 of them, two rear and the one up high behind the cab. Parking lights and turn signals are working fine. Reverse lights seem to be out too, not sure if that is related or something different. Replaced bulbs at rear, wasn't that. Checked fuses 32 and...
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    differential cover with drain plug

    I find to my astonishment, changing the diff oil requires removing and replacing the cover. There are aftermarket covers with drain plugs for $300-plus, which is a bit rich. Has anyone tried installing one of the basic drain plugs in a standard differential cover ? There are aftermarket...
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    2002 SportTrac 4x4

    I've had one of those Bluetooth-to-FM adapters since the day after I got my ST ;-) work surprisingly well, mostly just plug in an old MP3 player for music, rather than the phone. The stock ST radio/CD sounds pretty good, haven't felt the need to replace it yet.
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    End of Line: 2005 XLT Needs New Engine

    try here, craigslist, fb marketplace - ask $1000 and see what happens. I've seen Sport Tracs with busted engine/transmission sell at that asking price, not sure how much they actually sold for though. Also then you have to deal with Craigslist flakey buyers.. Scrap metal and salvage will pay...
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    Anyone Ever Donate A Vehicle?

    donations used to be a better deal, but people abused the process.. now the tax writeoff is limited to exactly what it sells for at auction. If the car sells for more than $500, then the receipt is your writeoff amount, otherwise it's $500. It's very easy though, most public radio stations...
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    Dad's Last Truck

    for the kayak carry, I'm using a $55 'universal cross bar' rack from ebay. It's fine for lighter loads such as a kayak or single canoe. Used Shoe Goo on my tonneau gasket, it's a tough waterproof glue, should be able to find it in hardware store.
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    best guess is your old thermostat wasn't working right- not closing fully. Heat up to halfway in about 5min is what mine always did, both before and after radiator replacement and system flushed with water 3x before refill. The pic shows a gauge that looks a little high to me, mine doesn't...
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    2004 4x2 XLS

    147 000 miles so far June 2021 bought at 96 000 in 2017 stock everything except for a 2nd-hand Century topper. Still have the tonneau cover and bed extender. The extender is handy for hauling yard waste, mattresses and other furniture, etc etc. What a great little truck. known fixes so far: -...
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    2022 Ford Maverick revealed — hybrid pickup gets 37 mpg, costs $21,490

    I hope to keep my ST until 200k or so, should get me another 5-6 years, then see what the second-hand market for Mavericks looks like.. If I could afford a new car it would be very tempting..