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    Driveshaft Issues

    Please explain to me what symptoms this issue exhibits? I fear I may have the same problem. (2008, 4.6, 4x4) Thank you.
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    Shudder when braking

    By the way, I have the typical rear diff pinion whine. Did you have that as well? And did it go away with the new lube and additive?
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    Shudder when braking

    Thank you MVannover. Yes, it sounds like you had the same issue. So it's not the brakes? Mechanic couldn't find anything wrong with them either. Do you remember what the additive was called? Did you drain both the rear and front and refill and additive? Chatter is an appropriate word for...
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    Transmission drive train issue

    So here is my second thread today. Vehicle: 2008 ST AWD 4.6 . At times, I may come to a stop and a nanosecond later I feel a "bump" in the drive train. Then sometimes I may be in a downhill sloping grade on the roadway with my foot basically off the gas (but not completely), when I...
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    Shudder when braking

    Don't know if this has been discussed, so please bare with me. Vehicle: 2008 ST AWD, 4.6. When I come down to a near stop and begin to brake to make a turn (such as in my driveway), I get a "shudder" from the frontend. It presents itself as coming from the brakes. It does not usually do...
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    Passenger door power lock intermittently works's that 100K thing huh? Replace an actuator of buy a new Ranger for $40K and up. Sorry, but I'll keep fixing my ST and live with NO truck payments thank you.
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    2022 Ford Maverick revealed — hybrid pickup gets 37 mpg, costs $21,490

    Still a 4 banger. Rip that out and install a Coyote 5.0 and you'll have a decent truck.
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    2022 Ford Maverick revealed — hybrid pickup gets 37 mpg, costs $21,490

    If it looks anything like the Bronco, then it will be a huge disappointment! Have you seen the Bronco up close? I get it. I'm an old fart who loves his ST 4.6 V8. I'll just keep fixing and updating mine. I still have complete strangers compliment it.
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    New owner from Canada

    4.6 not 6.4. Wish mine WAS a 6.4! :)
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    A little black trim work ;-)

    Are these the stock Ford wheels? If not, what brand and where did you get them? Thank you.
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    2010 STA 8cy

    Dealer scanned it. Keep in mind, if the hub assy is going bad (even in the slightest), replacing the sensor may not solve your problem. If you're mechanically inclined you can replace the hub yourself. If you can get a shop to scan the code when it triggers, you might be able to install that...
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    2010 STA 8cy

    You have a bad wheel sensor. My '08 was doing EXACTLY the same thing. Sometimes it would happen a few times in a week and then it might go a week or two without happening. The bad news was that the wheel hub assy was bad and had caused the wheel sensor to go bad. Cost from a Ford dealer...
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    2019 Ranger disappointment...

    They'll never offer it in a V8 anyway. There's no replacement for displacement. I will NEVER buy a Ranger with that puny 4 banger. They can hang 6 turbos on it and I still ain't buying it. Plus, I ain't paying $50K for a pickup truck even if it was gold plated.
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    2019 Ranger disappointment...

    If you think a Ranger is over-priced.........just wait until that Bronco come out.
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    Transmission leak

    I have the same year (not Adrenalin) with the 4.6. I had the same issue and no where near the mileage. Mine has 83K on it. I got tired of the ATF leaks on my garage floor and/or drive way. I figured it was time to get the transmission serviced, including a new gasket. Had it flushed (which...