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    Lil update on how it’s, slowly going with the st. Took it in to get the manifolds done so now she purs like a kitten. Did the spark plugs at home and put some new rims and tires on. Went with a ‘16 wrangler stock rims. They are 255/75R17. Stock ride height. Got spacers to fit the bolt pattern...
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    New owner from Canada

    What headers did you go with. Wanted something after market that is good but have not turned up to much.
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    New owner from Canada

    In king city. Any meets around
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    New owner from Canada

    6.4 is the grey beast behind it. 08 f350. The white sport trac, yes is a 4.6
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    Toronto CAN

    Anyone here from the Toronto(Canada) area? Wondering if any y’all doin some meet ups?
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    New owner from Canada

    Hey all. So I just picked up a 07 V8 limited edition. Not bad so far. Got a 6.4 and a couple F150’s and I’m honestly shocked how well this thing drives. Well I’m on here cause I love theses forums. Really great community. So now the search begins on mods for this truck lol.