Jerry Abson 3

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05 Adrenalin, Leather, White w/ comfort package
Xbox gamertag - Casserrole
On my second trac.

blue LED dome lights
blue rear bed lights
Zabteck True Cold Air Intake
Zabteck Throttle Body
Illuminated Ford Emblems, Front (rear went out)
Blue and red Painted 4.0 SOHC throttle body cover
Blue painted lettering underhood (coolant overflow cap, washer fluid cap, etc.)
Blue painted Adrenalin embossed headrests rear window sticker
Zabteck Performance rear window sticker
Zabteck Performance sticker w/ Zabteck sharpied blue
Line of Fire Tail Lights
Magna Flow Exhaust
Programmer (shipped 3/23/12)

EE Sway Bar
Upgraded shocks and all that come with that
new window cling - "Yea, it'll eat your hemmi - with a side of ricer!"
Carputer with touch screen - something like the stage 4 complete set up at: (with engine monitoring and GPS package)

Minor stuff also thinking about:
Engine dress up kit
window visors
front window tinting
rims / wheels
body 'vents'
some type of vinal or other graphics
Maple Valley, WA