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    Actually, they are legal provided they are not on a moving vehicle. Moving has been defined as in driving gear or in motion. So, as long as I am parked and not in drive, I can have the blue lights. I have double checked and spoken with a few of my highway patrol / sheriff friends and they...
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    cleaning out the tool box the other day, came across a few spare parts for the old trac. Was curious to see if they fit on the new F150, and they do! Anyone who knew my old Trac'er knew I bathed her in blue, so guess she will live on in the new rig.
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    Trac retired

    Todd, if that's the extended warranty, no. I have calculated all the cars that I had and the cost of the extended warranty and when the repairs that would have really been helped with the extended came into play, and the cost wouldn't justify getting it. On a side note, have been talking...
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    Trac retired

    Evening everyone. It's a bittersweet day. I traded in my 2005 Adrenalin for a 2017 Lariat 3.5L ecoboost. I am going to miss that truck, it was unstoppable and perfect for 12 years. But from the first few hours, I am really loving this new truck! I want to thank everyone on this site from...
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    Can't believe it's coming up on 13 years

    12 years, just cleared 150K. Son will be getting it soon and I think I will be going for a Tremor or a Raptor. Depends on which one I can trick the misses into :banana:
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    new member

    Welcome! You will find a ton of info here, so dont be afraid to ask. Now, I am running a 2005, but doubt theres too much mechanical difference. First off, our running in 2x until you flip to something different. Leave the overdrive switch on, and the mp3 is on the cd's. Have fun!
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    Headlamp Bulb Suggestion

    So its about time to replace the bulbs in m headlamps. I am running an 05. Never had luck finding ones that really provided the brightness I wanted, and don't want to waste money. So polling. What headlamp bulbs are you guys running? I want as bright as possible, don't care what color (I...
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    Instrument cluster / headlights

    Ugh, saw the cost of the instrument cluster at Ford. Will have to see if this is a viable option. I am always happier with new, instead of refurb when dealing with family members. Thanks man!:banana:
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    Instrument cluster / headlights

    Gentlemen, and ladies. Got a 2005 Adrenalin. The odometer is starting to flicker, so my question is the replacement of the entire instrument cluster. Is that the correct thing to do or do I replace that electronic module? Also, the automatic headlights. They just cut out. Turned off...
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    New Purchase Advice

    Edit - Decision to purchase is extended to next year, so more time to save. thanks for the advise guys, kinda was leaning that way.
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    Crazy thought - Nitrous

    Wow, didn't think it was possible. I got 141k so no way am I chancing it. Was a crazy thought.
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    Crazy thought - Nitrous

    Guys, just going off the rails a bit. Any ideas about Nitrous in our tracs? Just saw a 1967 Barracuda with the tell tell nitrous piping coming out from under the trunk, little light bulb popped in my head.
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    For the man Todd Z

    Thanks Todd!