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    5.4 swap

    My son and I got to talking last night I did some digging and found this
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    Another NewBee

    Welcome I’m in fort Myers
  3. Michael Waters

    2007 OEM Rims

    How much for everything ?
  4. Michael Waters

    First ST 2007 Limited

    Lmao I have that very same problem my wife has a 2012 Jeep Liberty but she loves my sport trac
  5. Michael Waters

    First ST 2007 Limited

    Beautiful enjoy it I enjoy mine every time I drive it
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    Replacing the rear brakes

    So my truck has a frozen rear passenger caliper I’m taking this opportunity to upgrade my rear brakes with power stop drilled and slotted rotors with better calipers and pads how hard is it to remove a frozen caliper I’m not paying $1100.00 for a shop to do it any help would be greatly...
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    Gen 1 interior in a gen 2

    Just curious has anyone ever attempted to swap a gen 1 interior into a gen 2 I’m slowly doing things to my gen 2 I always loved the gen 1 interiors over the gen 2s and I really want to do a swap I’m going for a hot rod kinda feel I want the tan 2 leather tone seats with the white gen 1 gauges I...
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    New trac owner!!

    Welcome to the family bro she’s beautiful I love the first gens not sure why but that cap you have on it kinda works anyway enjoy it and if you have any questions there are alot of friendly and knowledgeable dudes on here mike
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    Rocket Trac

    I was actually just looking at brakes 5 mins ago lol
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    Rocket Trac

    I have the 4.6 not the 4.0 if you doubt me come to Florida I will take you for a ride I was getting on the mid point bridge heading back home to fort myers I gave it some gas to get onto the bridge I looked down at my speedo and I was doing 95mph off a 35 mph rolling start
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    Rocket Trac

    My truck is a rocket now so far I’ve added a K&N million mile air filter a Cherry Bomb M80 Muffler with the resonators removed and a Zabtech Performance Throttle body im planning on adding a chip upgrading the brakes and few more odds and ends before I’m done but let’s be honest projects with...
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    2020 Meetup

    I would love that I’m in fort myers Florida but I would definitely take the drive
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    Extremely impressed my mpg

    Lol yeah we have been planning this move for a long time. I was shocked at how great my mpg was I was still at a half a tank while my wife and son were at a quarter I don’t think I filled up once under a half a tank lol as soon as I can afford it I want to buy a throttle body from you I want to...
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    Extremely impressed my mpg

    So I loaded up my ST and moved to Fort Myers Florida From Suffolk county Long Island Ny roughly 1300 miles. I had 4 bikes on a bike rack my bed was packed my back seat was completely packed front seat was packed as well and I still managed to average 20.1 my best was 20.2 mpg on I95 doing...