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Zabteck Performance Owner...
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I am the department manager of the Construction Services group in my office here On LI. I have an Automotive Engineering degree, And a B.S in Industrial Technology.

I currently own only 1 Sport Trac. (I've had 5 so far)

2010 BLUE FLAME adrenalin !!!

2010 Blue Flame Adrenalin:


1) AVS Rain guards on doors
2) AVS rear window rain guard
3) Ford OEM Hood Guard
4) Chrome anti theft Ford Logo Valve caps
5) Recon 3rd brake light
6) Zabteck throttle body
7) Xcal 3 tuner ( Torries tunes)
8) Wheel locks
9) Bed mat
10) Tinted Front Windows
11) Remote Start
12) Bed extender
13) Power tailgate lock
14) Magnaflow Cut in muffler
15) K&N Intake
16) Steeda Under Drive Crank and W/P Pulley
17) Gates Blue Racing Belt
18) Sultans of spark (PD) Coils
19) Custom pin stripe
20) Amsoil fluids in all diffs and steering
21) Ford Racing fuel injectors
22) Upgraded Control arms
23) Moog quick struts
24) Poly sway bar bushings
May 25
Long Island, NY

Wife drive the 2010 Blue Flame Adrenalin
( I have a Whipple F150 now)
Sold - 2010 XLT Black "adrenalin" look alike
Sold - 2003 Estate Green XLT "The Beast Green Machine"
Sold - 2004 Black Adrenalin