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  1. Carey Bolin

    Flag pole mounting ideas

    Would be a good idea if I actually had a 2 inch hitch receiver.
  2. Carey Bolin

    Flag pole mounting ideas

    As my pictures have shown, I decided to stick with my pipe holder and zip tie to the tie down method. The pole doesn't wobble in the slightest and hold up to 70mph without any issues. Now the only downside is finding a flag that can handle the occasional 70mph without unthreading and shredding...
  3. Carey Bolin

    Flag pole mounting ideas

    Here is some pics.
  4. Carey Bolin

    Flag pole mounting ideas

    So far I just have a metal flag pole attached to the mounts at the end of the bed on the inside and tied tight at the top of the bed via the tie down hooks. Granted, it is only held on via zip ties, but I am thinking of something more permanent, or ease of removal for those odd cases. Update: I...
  5. Carey Bolin

    Flag pole mounting ideas

    I am thinking of adding an American flag to my '02 ST and most of my old ideas are gone out the window since the ST doesn't have any of the bed post holes like other trucks. So I was thinking of maybe mounting a flag pole mount to the inside of the bed directly with self tapping screws and using...
  6. Carey Bolin

    2002 Sport Trac Harvest Gold

    Here is a pic of my 02 ST. It hasn't been washed in a couple of months.
  7. Carey Bolin

    2019 Ranger disappointment...

    With all the changes they are making towards all plastic computerized junk, I would not be interested if Ford decided to bring back the Sport Trac. They would probably just bastardize it like Mistubishi did to the Eclipse.
  8. Carey Bolin

    2002 Sport Trac for sale or trade

    Small mechanic meant he was a small mom and pop mechanic out of his back yard. And sometimes the mom and pop mechanics might be better than more well known ones because they can sometimes charge a lot less and do even more. It's best to do your own research about your local mechanics and ask...
  9. Carey Bolin

    2019 Ranger disappointment...

    I also drooled over this Ranger while listening to Slippery When Wet album. Gawd I was such a youngin'.
  10. Carey Bolin

    2002 Sport Trac for sale or trade

    It turned out that a small mechanic was able to fix it. It seems it popped almost every vacuum hose at the same time time. The mechanic replace them all, realigned my driver's door, replaced my locks, provided me with new door keys, and replaced my door handle that broke. Almost $600, but now...
  11. Carey Bolin

    2019 Ranger disappointment...

    I have to say that I was a fan of the Ranger before I got my Sport Trac. I still love the Old School Rangers. Back in the day, I DREAMED of owning the Ranger STX 4x4. There was something about a REGULAR cab, small truck with a v-6 and OPTIONAL v-8, that could haul just about as much as it's...
  12. Carey Bolin

    2002 Sport Trac for sale or trade

    I am sadden today. I go to start my Sport Trac this morning and just as it begins to start, I hear a loud pop and it starts to puff out white smoke. I am down on money so I can't afford to have it taken in for repairs. I am now having to sell it or trade it for a replacement vehicle. It's a...
  13. Carey Bolin

    Who has the Gon's to do this....

    :supercool: Makes riding a bike down a long stretch of hilly highway look boring now. :supercool:
  14. Carey Bolin

    GMC truck pulled from frozen pond - folds in half

    :bwahaha::bwahaha: Just goes to show that he shoulda bought the Sport Trac. :bwahaha::bwahaha:
  15. Carey Bolin

    Learn to wrap

  16. Carey Bolin

    59-year-old woman wins truck after hockey shot

    :supercool::supercool::supercool::supercool::supercool::banana::banana::banana: Guess the hockey players need lessons from her for now on.
  17. Carey Bolin

    12mpg in town :(

    I get roughly about the same MPG with mine and mine is an 02. Despite what some people say, My uncle has a 2011 F-150, and my ST with a V6 was still able to outdo his truck in more ways than one. :smack: I can haul more people, and my ST was able to pull a trailer that was loaded farther than...
  18. Carey Bolin

    Noticed ALOT of STs in Tulsa and surronding areas

    I have seen quite a few STs running around the Tulsa area and was hoping that the ST owners would like to get together for lunch and a drive. Glad to see there are quite a few more ST owners that I can introduce to other ST owners.:driving::online:
  19. Carey Bolin

    02 ST Radio for sell

    I just installed an aftermarket stereo in my ST and I am looking to sell the stock radio. It is the AM/FM/Cassette/CD double din. I looked around an I think about $45 shipped would sound fair. All of it works except the preset 6 button. [Broken External Image]:[Broken External Image]: