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    Transmission drive train issue

    So here is my second thread today. Vehicle: 2008 ST AWD 4.6 . At times, I may come to a stop and a nanosecond later I feel a "bump" in the drive train. Then sometimes I may be in a downhill sloping grade on the roadway with my foot basically off the gas (but not completely), when I...
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    Shudder when braking

    Don't know if this has been discussed, so please bare with me. Vehicle: 2008 ST AWD, 4.6. When I come down to a near stop and begin to brake to make a turn (such as in my driveway), I get a "shudder" from the frontend. It presents itself as coming from the brakes. It does not usually do...
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    Leaking rims

    I have an issue with my rim leaking air. The leak is VERY slow. I had a tire shop that I know and trust look at them to see if they could find the leak. (Actually, I believe BOTH front tires/rims are now leaking). Note that I've been putting air in the two front rims for at least a couple...
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    Wiring 3rd brake light from a spoiler.

    Hello. New member. I recently purchased a 2008 Sport Trac 4.6L. Previous owner installed a color matched spoiler on the back. There were some LED's out so I ordered a new one. However, my wife was behind me one night and not only noticed the LED's but informed me the spoiler light bar would...