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    Air filter

    Need/want to change the air filter on my 2005 Trac. The dealer wants $21.95 and Advance Auto Parts wants $9.95. Which one would you buy?
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    Gas cost?

    Just wondering how much the fuel costs will be for those attending the Sport Trac meet in It is 190 miles to Louisville and I added 40 for the trip to Huber's Farm.
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    Cheer for the Hilltoppers

    My Grandson Adam Howard is in the Sweet Sixteen in Phoenix. He plays for Western Kentucky and his number is 14. He probably will not get in the game, but he is having a ball and being interviewed by several magazines and tv guys. This has beeb a drean come true for Adam. His parents and...
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    Need advice please

    My Trac has turned 35K and I went to my Ford dealer to ask about extending my warranty. He had 4 plans. The base care costs $1150 to extend to 5 years or 75K miles and has a $100 deductible. I can do away with the deductible for another $90. It covers mainly the drive train, AC, electrical...
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    pressure monitor

    Went to Sam's Club to inquire about getting new tires for my 2005 Adrenalin. The girl gave me a price that included a $20.00 charge because my tires have pressure monitoring. I told her I didn't have pressure monitoring and she told me I did and didn't know it. There is no icon upon starting...
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    Come on guys, there are only 18 signed up for the meet in Louisville. I attended the last Louisville meet and loved every minute of it on both days. Get the money to Todd and show him that all his work is appreciated. If I remember correctly we need 30 for Ford to join in and supply a lot of...
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    Battery isolator

    Going to purchase a pontoon boat and need to know if anyone builds a Battery isolator to allow the boat motor to charge the trolling motor battery and not allow the trolling motor to discharge the motor cranking battery. In other words I need the batteries in parallel while running and...
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    Grandkids GRRRR

    Drove to Mt. Airy, NC yesterday around 250 miles pulling an empty car dolly. That was a miserable trip due to the dolly shaking the entire truck, sometimes very hard. The rental place said that was normal. My adult Grandson was on his way home from Florida when the check engine light came on...
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    Towing question

    My Grandson left his Volkswagen Passat in North Carolina after something happened to the engine while coming home from Florida. The car is about four hours from me and all the roads are interstate. Will my 2005 ST four wheel drive handle it OK on a dolly? Thanks, Paul
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    08 Adrenalin

    I just saw this website that says the Adrenalin is canceled for 2008. I was sure I would buy one as soon as the local dealer said he could order it.
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    Fast Trac?

    Just returned from a trip to Florida and when looking at my Garmin Nuvi trip stats I noticed the maximum speed on the trip was 103 MPH. I have no idea of the accuracy of the statistics on the GPS. If it is true, it probably took place in downtown Atlanta during rush hours. I missed the bypass...
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    Neutral Tow Kit

    Has anyone installed a Neutral Tow Kit on a 2005 Sport Trac? How hard was it to install? Thanks
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    Anybody heard of these guys?

    Got a letter today from Dealer Services saying this is my final notice that I can extend my warranty. I think it is a ripoff, Supposedly has 24 hour roadside service and emergency towing. Any comments welcome. Thanks.
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    70% off at restaurants in your area. This means you can get $25.00 worth of food for $3.00. I use these all the time and they work. All you have to do is enter the code present when you checkout. I have nothing to gain from these messages, just wanting to contribute to the forum.
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    I like the 07 Trac, but I like the look of my 05 better. I know the 07 is a better trac, but what do you guys think, would it be worthwhile to trade "up" or not? I only have 30,000 on my 05 and it looks and drives like new.
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    Nother discount

    This code is for 60% off. Should I continue to post these discount codes? They are a great savings.
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    Good deal

    I have nothing at all to do with this except being a very happy user. I use these a lot and find it is a great saving. I get $25.00 worth of food for $5.00. I also send them as gifts to friends out of town. I drive there in my 2005 Adrenalin. Red of course.
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    RC Trac

    Here is my rc trac that I painted to match my trac. [Broken External Image]: [Broken External Image]: Not a very good job, but was something to play with. Now I am gonna give it away to a neighborhood kid.
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    Oil Change

    While waiting for warranty work on my Trac I was reading the manuals that came with my 2005 and was surprised to see that Ford recommends a 5000 mile oil change interval. I always service at 3000. I have 25,000 miles now and Ford recommends 30,000 miles service on the air filter. What do you...
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    Cool wheels

    My Son in law was in Pigeon Forge for the spring rod run and took a movie of a truck with spinner wheels. The cool thing was, he had added weights to the spinners so they didn't rotate when he was moving. Maybe the coolest wheels I have seen.