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    I want to potentially build a list of things that can be done to keep the engine color while towing. To start no I haven’t towed with it and I don’t have a cooling problem as is. I have a new 192* stat, water pump, 16lb rad cap and the radiator has been flushed. My thoughts were to upgrade...
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    Body mounts

    Finishing up body mounts on my first gen. Found em on Amazon for 100 bucks for just the bushings. Reused 7/8 bolts. Not sure if it’s Becuase it has the appearance pack or what but the rocker panel cover ground effects would touch the pickup bed and keep me from kicking the body up enough. I...
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    Still no TC lock up

    Recently replaced my valve body and all the solenoids. Still getting OD flash and TC lock up code. I do feel the TQ disengagement at speed and the light blink with it. code was cleared after replacement of VB. guessing it needs a TQ. Any other ideas that are less involved and expensive...
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    Temp range 5r55E

    What is an appropriate temp range and what’s on the high side for these? I had it hit 189 today which is a record for me normal is 170. Second Q. What’s the avg amount of ATF that is lost during a pan drop and filter change?
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    Timing cover gasket / water pump gasket

    Enginetech fiber gaskets. Brand new $10 plus shipping
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    Cloyes Timing Chain Tensioners

    Brand new in plastic wrap. Both externals. came with my new kit but I already had new ones installed. $50 plus shipping.
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    Engine pull / Head gaskets / timing chains

    Just finished my 2004 engine for head gaskets. Also did timing chains, full gaskets and seals, resurfaced heads and lapped the valves, water pump, radiator fan, thermostat housing. I’m sure I’m missing some stuff but if anyone has questions, ask away while I still remember. Head gaskets -...
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    Valve Keepers

    Trying to install valve keepers. I have the Lisle tool that you can use a hammer with. Removing works great but install I can’t seem to figure out. I also have the OTC lever tool (not sure on spelling) that you can use to compress the spring via prying on cam shaft. anyone have any pearls...
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    Has anyone done their own valve job? Tips? also has anyone done head resurfacing using sandpaper on a know flat object and dragging the heads across it? trying to do this all on a budget. Full regasket, timing set, resurface heads and check for and address issues.
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    Bellhousing volt diam.

    Anyone know what size diameter bolts are on the bellhousing? I need to get some for my engine stand that are longer to mount it up
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    Voodoo magic Chinese finger trap

    Need some help. On the intake manifold of a 04. Driver side behind the TB there is a hose that connects to a barb in the manifold. There is a connector there that I can not figure out. I’ve basically broke it as far as I know by pulling up on the white plastic tab and braking it off. How does...
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    Brand names

    Any info anyone can provide on Sealed Power Vs Fel-Pro Vs Mahle
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    Engine Swap List

    With my prior thread getting rather messy with a lot of back and forth on my part I wanted to start this one. My wife and I are making a spreadsheet on doing a swap (4.0 to 4.0) and costs associated with it. Besides the motor itself what things should I be budgeting for on top of the motor? I...
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    Overheating 4.0

    With the issues I’ve been having with overheating and misfires etc etc. I’m thinking about going with a used new ranger motor with less miles. my thought is it would be an updated motor and less miles. If anyone has done this what issues would I run into?
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    So. I flushed my radiator and notice it didn’t seem full at all. I filled it and bled it to what I thought was sufficient. I have a possible blown head gasket that is leaking gases into the coolant. I used Bars HG-1 as a bandage since the truck has 213k miles on it. I have an issue with the...