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    Looking for advice on ic replacement

    Hello everyone, I have a 2nd gen sport trac Adrenalin, a 2010, and I need to replace the instrument cluster due to a malfunction. The vehicle was imported from Canada after its first owner and I’m assuming the cluster was reprogrammed from kph to mph? The cluster part number is al2t-10849-da and...
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    Help! Electrical issues with message center/fuel gauge

    2010 sport trac adrenalin 160,000 Hi everyone, I’m having issues with message center running through all the options and my fuel gauge only reading half when full. Anyone have this happen before? If I unplug the message center, the display continues to scroll through the options at random but...
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    2010 Blue Flame Adrenalin awd

    SCT tunes Painted wheels 160,000 miles
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    2010 Instrument cluster weird message center issues

    Appreciate this forum as it has helped a ton over the last year. So recently I've had this strange issue with the message center on my 2010 sport trac adrenalin. This is the cluster with the 4 line message center...Randomly the cluster will scroll through the menu options (ie "4wd locked or...