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    Moon Roof issues

    While cleaning my 04 XLT, I noticed the roof liner was discolored around the moon roof. So I opened the roof and took a light to check to make sure the drains were open. Both appeared to be plugged with grease. Someone had greased all the workings inside the moonroof structure with axle...
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    No good reason for alarm tripping.

    A couple of days ago, I pulled the truck out of the garage and parked it on the driveway while I was doing some carpentry work in the garage. At some point, several hours later, the horn starts blowing. We all know what a nuisance it can be to hear an auto alarm off in the distance somewhere...
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    Love the Sport Trac briefings.

    I never got the daily ST briefings before, and not sure if they are something new. But for about 2 weeks they are in my in-box daily and being almost locked in, I really enjoy reading them. I hope they keep them up. Unfortunately, being in the throws of a snowy winter, I do not have a lot to...
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    2004, 2wd XLT: How is your upper radiator hose laid out from the radiator to the engine.

    My upper radiator hose is long and it runs from the radiator down and under the air intake and up and over the alternator, and about 1/3 is wedged between the rear of the alternator and the oil filler tube. Consequently, one of the nuts on the alternator is nearly embedded in it and it's just...
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    Is my alternator charging enough, or do I need a new battery.

    2004 Sport Trac. I don't know how old my battery is, but the guy I bought the truck from last May said it was relatively new. But, here is the problem. I have the little red battery light glowing on my dash and the charging meter reads close to, but less than 50% charging. Shouldn't this...
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    checking and replacing interior lights.

    I just bought this 2004 Sport Trac and I love it. But, there seems to be some missing lights in the interior. When I open the door, nothing lights up. There is a small console at the top with two switches which implies that there should be lights in the console, but flipping the switches do...