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    P A T S bypass or reset

    I have a 2004 XLT . Nothing extra added , has PW,PDL,PSeat with 130,000 miles & it won't start or even turn over . Have tried all the remedies that I could find like inserting key in door lock , turning key & holding it for 40 seconds ,also did the same thing in the ign for a longer period...
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    electrical gurus

    Only the hi pitch on the horn worked so removed the horns & tried to check. Hooked to hot 12V battery but get no noise. Am I missing something. Hooked direct & just touched the ground but no circuit. New pair is easier than fooling with these.
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    old man needs to lower 2004 XLT

    Hey guys I can't raise my bad leg high enough to enter my 2004 X L T 2 W D V6. Suggestions before I have to sell it. I just installed new shocks & rear shackles. I'll farm this job out as it is just gettin too hard to get up from the garage floor. Thanks; Burn Out Bob
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    fuel gauge reads full all the time

    I have an 04 sport trac XLT & the battery has been out for 3-4 months. I put a new battery in & fuel gauge reads full all the time. Looking for suggestions. I have not done any checking yet.
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    mud guards

    Looking for advice on a pair of mud flaps for my 2004 sport trac XLT. I installed a set of I-boards on & the front end is just square. I would like to put a mud flap on to butt up against the end of the 4" I-boards. Has anybody done a like install? A picture or just some good advice would be...