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    Powertrain Control/Emmission Diagnosis Manual for 05 ST

    Could anyone email([email protected]) the Powertrain Control/Emmissions Diagnosis manual, or the portion for Engine Ignition for a 05 ST, built 12/04. Thanks PL
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    l1tech question 05 ST

    When you pull the fuel pump fuse, does it enable the anti-theft system on a 05 Sport Trac, after pulling the fuel pump fuse to relieve fuel pressure for changing fuel filter the ST will not start. Have > 60psi on engine side of new filter when cranking engine. A bad fuel rail pressure sensor...
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    ST wont start after changing fuel filter

    My 05 ST wil not start after changing fuel filter, has excess of 60psi of pressure measured fom the engine side of new fuel filter(reason I changed filter was to measure fuel pressure to make sure rough idle wasn't fuel pump or filter causing a P0190 code) The fuse is good and replaced, filter...
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    No Fuel Pump Fuse or Relay in the Battery Junction Box on my 05 ST

    According to my owers manual, the Fuel pump fuse is slot #5 and my relay is #50B and both are empty in the Battery Junction Box. How do I relieve the fuel pressure to change the fuel filter. There is no shrader valve on the fuel rail. Does anyone have an 05 ST that they have changed the fuel...
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    Contact Info For Heather in OC

    Does any one have contact information for "Heather in OC" who left the site back in 08? She had the exact same problem that I am having now and caused by the same thing(washing truck and engine after going through mud) I have tried everhing on this site and can't solve problem. She said she...
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    Idle Surge on 2005 4.0L V6 ST

    I drove my 05 ST to the the beach(windy) and when I got back home I noticed the engine compartment was covered with dirt, so with engine running I washed it off with a garden hose and sprayed with WD40. I took it for a 4 mile drive to dry the engine, and when I got back and parked it in the...