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  1. blert

    Getting ready to drop the lower oil pan

    I have been wanting to do this for a while. I want to drop the pan to check for shrapnel that would indicate the timing cassettes may have failed. I'm at 118k miles and the tensioners have never been changed. I should have done this before I did the thermostat housing because then doing the...
  2. blert

    Theft light blinking fast

    So the day started off with a dentist appointment so it couldn't get any worse. Right? Wrong... All done with the appointment and happily leaving the Devil's Den. Truck won't start. Won't even try. Figured battery, right? Wrong, battery is good. Had it checked at two places. Even checking it...
  3. blert

    Any knife nuts out there?

    I'll admit it... I truly suck at sharpening my knives (kitchen, EDC, garage). I need something that is stupid proof. What have you folks used that has given good results? Not looking to buy into the likes of a WickedEdge. Something under $100, that is quick and easy setup/breakdown.
  4. blert


    Does that look right or too high? (Been idling for a good half hour and about ten minutes driving around the area up to 40mph.) I just replaced the thermostat housing, sensors, thermostat (Motorcraft 190deg), radiator and hoses. No leaks. Heater core flushed. On my third radiator drain and plan...
  5. blert

    Radiator clarification please

    My radiator is cracked and leaking. I don't tow anything and no serious off-roading so I'm going to stick with the single core to save a few bucks. There is an option of a 1" or 2" top/bottom channel. Currently installed is a 1" (I just measured the top of the radiator). The one I was looking to...
  6. blert

    Do i even want to know what this will cost?

    Was hoping it was just my lower oil pan but... Degreased the top and bottom of the engine this morning (10am). Did not scrub it, just let it soak for 14 minutes. This was at 4pm after a few hours of driving, the equivalent of a few drops. Options?
  7. blert

    Differential service - slight whining

    3.73 non-ls Finally got around to popping the pumpkin open and changing the fluid. It is so much quieter now but I can still hear a little bit of whining when the rear window is down. It is not loud (anymore). I am assuming this is typical? Would a heavier oil quiet it down more? I used Mobil1...
  8. blert

    Possible throttle body issue?

    Was checking for vacuum leaks with my "new" homemade smoke machine when I got smoke billowing out of my throttle body seal to the manifold. Removed the throttle body, cleaned it, and replaced the seal with a new one. Now that leak has been stopped but, when tested again, a little smoke can be...
  9. blert

    DIY smoke machine

    So, found this on the net while researching ways to find vacuum leaks... Tools: - Drill - Drill bits Materials: - Mason jar - Old Bic type pen - Old soldering iron (30 watt) - High temp adhesive - Old socks - Tubing to fit the pen bits - Mineral oil I have tons of Mason jars lying around the...
  10. blert

    Transmission pan

    To those who have put the 4x4 transmission pan on their 4x2... Any cons to speak of? Clearance issues, ground or otherwise? (I would search but it seems to be busted for me)
  11. blert

    Tonneau and cage

    So, today I found an '03 at a junk yard that has factory tonneau and extender cage on it. The tonneau is pretty worn and will need a ton of work. The extender cage looks to be in great shape. How much do you think I should offer the junk guy for them? How easy is the tonneau to remove? I put...
  12. blert

    Here we go...

    Over ten years of neglect so here we go. Wish me luck.
  13. blert

    Oh crap! Emergency maybe? Edit: Crisis averted i think

    Just got done flushing the power steering fluid and was underneath the truck wiping things down so I could check for leaks when I found this... It was just flopping there not attached to anything. It came from here... Was sitting above the steering rack. What the hell? What is this and where...
  14. blert

    Anybody have a fix for this?

    Tailgate hinge, driver-side. Cleaned it up, coated it in thick grease. Hope it holds until I can come up with something. Looks like it is just held on with a flare. Maybe find something similar and bolt it on.
  15. blert

    Is it just me...

    Will be replacing my front rotors next week ('01, 2wd) and have been refreshing my memory in the Haynes manual and online. So, is it just me or is anyone else slightly unnerved by the fact that the front hubs are held on by one, basically a bit more than finger tight, nut and a cotter pin? The...
  16. blert

    Brake master cylinder

    Yeah, I know... I have been asking a lot of question lately. You would think after owning this truck for 15 years I should be an expert. Want to think about replacing the brake master cylinder. I have been warned from multiple sources "do not do it because ABS". I get it, air in the ABS is not...
  17. blert

    Drum brakes

    Does shoe material matter back here? There are a handful of choices on RockAuto, one states 'metallic', one 'organic', the rest don't specify other than OEM spec. Only a few $$ difference between them all. What would you put in? What did it originally have? I have owned this truck for 15 years...
  18. blert

    Rear wheel bearings

    I am preparing to do a complete brake job on the old ST. I need new rotors in the front as they both have a fairly large gouged ring in them. Going to replace the bearings and seals also because, well, they are cheap so why why reuse the old stuff. Question is... should I bother with the rear...
  19. blert

    Diff juice

    Which diff juice for a 3.73 non-limited? Manual says 75w-90 syn but I have seen a few posts on the net saying Ford now recommends 75w-140. I happen to three bottles of Mobil1 75w-90LS syn sitting in my garage. Ok to use? No hauling/towing. Not much heavy lifting.
  20. blert

    Can't explain...just feels wrong

    So a short while ago I was driving down 528 heading to Cocoa. It was raining and they are doing construction on the road. I hit a pot hole with the right front wheel. The steering wheel practically jumped out of my hands and I felt like I was going to lose it at 70mph. Now, maybe I am...