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  1. J

    '08 V8 4X4 to Adrenaline conversion

    Howdy all! :) I have a 2008, V8, 4x4 ST, that I'm wanting to upgrade to the Adrenaline exterior package. I guess I need to know what all parts differentiate the Adrenaline from my ST. I'll be upgrading the wheels/tires soon, so that's not what I'm concerned about (I'll be getting some 22"...
  2. J

    New wheels (want the 22" Edge Sports)

    Howdy all! I'm in love with the 22" Ford Edge Sport wheels. I've loved them ever since I saw them on the Edge, and have wanted to put them on my ex-wife's SHO, and wouldn't have hated them on one of my Mustangs! I think they'd be awesome on a Sport Trac. I'm looking at the 22" wheels, but am...
  3. J

    Driveshaft issues, V-8 Sport-Trac

    Howdy all! I recently bought an '08 V8 4X4 ST. Took it to my mechanic, and he said the driveshaft, which is a two-piece design, is about to 'die' on my truck. He said that no one wants to work on the driveshaft in our vehicles, at least no one around here. Said they're a train-wreck. I...
  4. J

    Driveshaft Issues

    Howdy, all! I have a 2008 V-8, 4X4, and my very trusted mechanic tells me that my used, bought-from someone else truck is kinda jacked! He said that the driveshaft is on it's very last legs, and they do NOT sell the driveshaft for my truck, ANYWHERE. They also do NOT work on this driveshaft...
  5. J

    Was there ever a V8, AWD, Supercharged ST (Adrenaline)?

    I know Ford WANTED to do that, but did that happen? If so, what year(s) did it happen? Also, was it a solid-axle, or was it an IRS vehicle? I was shocked to learn that IRS was done on any ST, after the crud the '03/'04 Cobras had. But my '08 has IRS. So shocked, I guess, in a good way. But...
  6. J

    Power upgrade/Power-adders

    Howdy, all! I come from the Mustang world, and I've not left a single vehicle I've owned, stock. But, to be fair, they've all been Mustangs for the last 25-30 years, or so (I had a '70 GS350 and a '70 Monte before I got into Fords). I've toyed a great deal with all versions of Mustangs, but...
  7. J

    2008 V8 4x4

    Hello, all! New Sport Trac owner in Tulsa, OK. I've loved the looks of these vehicles since I first noticed them 10-15 years ago. I knew they were not F150's, not Lightnings, but something different. It wasn't until I required a pick-up bed recently that I really started digging, and learned...