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  1. Fordtruckfan89

    Rear usb port-gen1

    I decided to remove the rear audio controls since my receiver isn't compatible and I figured this would be more useful. Spliced into existing wires, used green 5mm leds, a flush mount usb port, and a 3 pin Deutsch plug. The green leds were epoxied in the clear pieces surrounding the control...
  2. Fordtruckfan89

    Wheelskins install

    My original steering wheel wrap was trashed and oozing black tar from the seams. I decide to replace it with a wheelskins leather wrap. Only like 50 ish bucks or so. I used the grey AX size. Few things I did to make it look better, cut a new groove for the single seam and filled in the two...
  3. Fordtruckfan89

    Procomp 1069s on the 2003

    Swapped the stock wheels for some procomp 16x8s I picked up off ebay. Swapped the 265/75r16 cooper at3s I already had on them. Fit much better and it eliminated all the rubbing issues I had. Reused the stock lugs and snapped on some 90s ranger center caps. Very pleased with how the polished...