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    Wanted: Center Plug Hinge Thingie on Bed Cover

    Expensive indeed, Todd. Tonneau Cover, hinge end cap- 2L2Z 9928550 EC List $40
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    Pic's dont load and site pages load slow

    It's the same issue for me too.
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    Leakage Problems...Water Everywhere

    Check the drain hole in the passenger side air intake below the black plastic cowl. if clogged, water can overflow into the heater box and then inside the cab.
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    Need Bed Extender hardware studs

    Bed Extender mounts W707381-S900 (screw & washer) [Broken External Image]:
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    Coleman, Koolatron, & Roadpro.
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    Still on the body mounts

    Todd, how did you arrive at the additional 20 lb/ft?
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    How important are the body mounts?

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    The pads are gone and they are taking your rotors with them.
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    [Broken External Image]:
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    UPDATE! Fist fight with Ford on Monday

    Pay for the ball joints and alignment and enjoy the other new parts. The dealer can:kiss_it: :cheeky: while you:driving:away then :haveabeer:
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    Or a scooter.
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    Timming Chain Issues

    FYI the alignment kit runs $175 - $250.
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    Need rear susp. help for towing

    Move the car further back on the deck.
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    live wires and screamin demon coil help

    I replaced my OEM coil pack four years ago with one from Accel #140035, $85. I've had no issues and it still works fine. I use Taylor spark plug wires. :driving:
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    Meet photos - not

    It sort of feels like the family album got thrown out. :sad: oh so:sad: :worthless:
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    Meet photos - not

    What happened to this section??