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  1. Evox

    Well ...a little over 307,000 miles on my 4.0L SOHC and I've gotten the infamous start-up chain rattle.

    It's coming from the passenger-side chain, which looked fine when I changed the valve covers not too long ago. It was still intact, with no wobble. I've ordered some new chain tensioners to see if that corrects the problem; I'll switch them out this weekend. Hopefully, that corrects the...
  2. Evox

    2004 Ford Explorer Sport Trac XLT 2wd 304,161 miles

    I'll add a picture, but it's nothing special; it's a stock 2004 oxford white XLT, right down to the radio; I've modified nothing. I've owned it since new; its build date is January of '04. I don't know what to say, except it has been a dependable truck. Well, except for the instrument...
  3. Evox

    Instrument cluster energizes when truck is off. Odometer comes alive, as does the message center, radio, and interior lights when truck is off.

    I should have posted this thread here. It's an electrical problem. After reading through that thread, any ideas...
  4. Evox

    Ignition switch: Can someone tell me the purpose and use of the plastic gasket? (picture included)

    I'm talking about the thin plastic gasket in the picture below. When I removed my old switch, it did not have one. SO, I left it off. What is it, what's its purpose, and should I have installed it? Solved: When I pulled apart the...
  5. Evox

    Truck goes crazy when key is out of the ignition, Instrument cluster goes on and off, beeps, ...but I don't think it's the actual instrument cluster.

    A year or two ago, my instrument cluster went on my '04 XLT. So, I got it rebuilt (I actually bought a rebuilt one off eBay). Now I'm having new but different issues. When my truck is on, everything on the cluster runs fine. No problems. But when I remove the key, about 30 seconds or so...
  6. Evox

    What should I do regarding a high mileage engine/transmission?

    I'm looking for the wisdom of others. 2004 ST 4x2, has 250k miles on it, including original timing chain cassettes. Currently showing no problems, except weeping oil out of the top valve covers, and at least the lower oil ban gasket and potentially the upper oil ban gasket (I can't tell if...
  7. Evox

    It's only worth $3200, really?

    There really is a point, where you probably need to just keep it I guess. Do buyers consider the condition of the vehicle or are CarFax's price really the top dollar. $3200 It does have high mileage I suppose. But I've changed the oil regularly, it has basically a new suspension on it, all...
  8. Evox

    Question: Can I change out my instrument cluster?

    I have a bad instrument cluster, the speedometer isn't working, and several other indicators are off. I can buy a working cluster off a salvaged vehicle, the mileage will be off, but I can take that to the dealership to reprogram down the road. My question is will the salvaged instrument...
  9. Evox

    Forgot to check in. I guess I broke the rules by posting elsewhere first.

    HI! I have a 2004 ST that I've owned since new. It has been used by one son and is now back with me. We've had good luck with this truck. Other than normal wear issues it's been pretty trouble-free over the last 250k miles. I'm not one to defer maintenance issues and a bit of a fanatic...