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  1. Phil V

    Max A/C recirculation door not functioning

    Hey guys, it's been a while since I've been on here. I have an issue I was really hoping someone could help me with. 05 Sport Trac Recently my Max A/C stopped working. All fan speeds work, all vent positions work. I diagnosed it far enough to know that the recirculation door isn't opening all...
  2. Phil V

    EE sway bar bushings

    It's been about 6 years since I installed the EE rear sway bar on my 05 Trac. The bushings for the 1 1/8" bar are shot. I need to order new ones and I was hoping it was possible to find greasable bushings. Has anyone ever replaced these and knows a part number? Or should I just see if explorer...
  3. Phil V

    Alternator replacement

    Well, after 14 years and 323000 kms I had to finally replace the alternator. I have an ultragauge that I use all the time. I noticed with headlights and heat on the battery voltage would frequently drop to 12v. It should be running at 14v especially with such a light load on the alternator. In...
  4. Phil V

    05 ST door lock trouble

    Hey everyone. Looking for someone to save the day for me again. 2 days ago I went to hit the interior lock button and it didn't work. The unlock button works just fine as well as my key fob. The passenger side lock also does not work. I checked the fuse which was fine of course so I did the...
  5. Phil V

    WTB C&L maf housing with flange

    If anyone has one of these and is willing to part with it, I really want to buy one. Should have got it years ago when zabteck still sold it. It's the one thing my truck doesn't have and I think it could benefit from the extra air
  6. Phil V

    Looking for some help

    Not long after my post about being done with the Trac, it left me stranded for the second time in 7 years. I'm not even mad. I blew the coolant line that goes from the thermostat housing to the heater core (the 90 degree elbow). Anyways I was driving at highway speeds when I noticed my temp...
  7. Phil V

    After 7 years the ST project is complete

    Well it's been a busy week. I finally completed my ST. It has been my daily driver for 7 years. I've put on over 200000 kms since I bought it with 90k. It's at 304 now still going strong as ever. I diagnosed a rattle as a broken cat, which had clogged the second one. Ordered a magnaflow cat and...
  8. Phil V

    Please help! Rear sway bar end link

    So I noticed my truck had a bit of a lean... it is an old truck so I didn't think too much of it. Anyways it started to bother me after a couple of days so I decided to take a look under and see what's up. My rear sway bar end link top bolt / cage nut are missing! Probably from some spirited...
  9. Phil V

    Gauge repair

    Well, it is finally happening... I've been having an issue for the last two months where I my speed / rpm jumps around. The odometer also flickers. It's very annoying. Anyways I took apart my truck today and shipped the gauge cluster to Circuit Board Medics...
  10. Phil V

    Wheel spacers

    Where can I buy some good quality wheel spacers? I have never liked the idea of them but I need them for my new wheels
  11. Phil V

    Finally got myself a set of Adrenalin rims!

    I saw an ad for good condition Adrenalin rims and tires for $1000. It had been up for a month and I asked if they were still available. Threw out an offer for $750, and he took it. The rims are overall in pretty good condition. Little bit of corrosion, little bit of curb rash. The tires that...
  12. Phil V

    1st gen bed tie downs

    I have a set of 5 bed tie downs and 10 bolts. Make an offer, pictures available upon request
  13. Phil V

    Air intake

    I have a brand new Amsoil cone filter. These are not oiled and do not cause any issues for the MAF. Part number EAAU3560. I also have from an MAF adapter plate from the KKM intake kit as well as the gasket and the Outerwears pre-filter Also a red powder coated aluminum intake pipe...
  14. Phil V

    Brake problem. Please help

    The other day I finally got around to doing the front brakes on my 05 Sport Trac. I replaced the pads, rotors, calipers and wheel bearings. Upon completion I was severely disappointed. My brakes were almost non existent. They barely engage with the pedal to the floor. There is also no...
  15. Phil V


    Does anybody have the 73mm C&L MAF with flange that they are willing to part with?
  16. Phil V

    Brake job

    I am about to do my front brakes on my 2005 Sport Trac RWD. Figured I would replace the wheel bearings at the same time (245000 Kms). Anyways I can't seem to find the torque specification for the axle nut anywhere. Can anyone help me?
  17. Phil V

    PCV valve issues

    So.. Sometimes when I back out of my driveway I notice small amounts of liquid on the ground. Assumed it just the AC draining. Started to wonder why it did it when the AC wasn't even on. Looked around under the truck. Noticed what looked like oil coming out at the bottom of the exhaust...
  18. Phil V

    WTB: billet tie downs

    If anyone out there has the billet tie downs available, I would very much like to purchase a set
  19. Phil V

    New member!!! (Long time lurker)

    Hey everyone, I'd like to introduce myself. My name is Phil and I am from Canada. I've owned my 2005 Sport Trac XLT for 4 years now, and will be keeping it til its death day. It has been great to me, never left me stranded. I highly regard it as one of the most durable vehicles since it...