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    Roof Rail Trim

    I also would be interested to know what there for…..been to junkyards 8 years looked a many many S/Ts never found one…and I found plenty of rugs Chris …..south Orlando
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    2004 ST project - 181k “K” engine rehab

    Got a guy in Spring Hill fla above Tampa that rebuilds 4.0 ohc motors only And installs. 900 rebuild /1600 install Had 4 motors r/r in 4 trucks Great so far 3523406208 On Craigslist Works out of backyard Spanish speaking a extra
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    '10 4.0 Timing Chain Tensioner Install

    Im reading all the remarks on tendioners …I’m not so sure that is the problem….oil weight/ driven in cold weather/syn oil/vs reg oil..100 k plus All are part of wearing out the plastic guides ..once the plastic on the guides Worn…..tensioners are of little help…. Once engin is running after 5...
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    0-30wt 0il

    1..863..224..3519. Dons tranny winter haven Eddie 4.0 engin rebuild 352/340/6208
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    0-30wt 0il

    I have 5 S/T 1 2 sports I have The reply’s seem to be right on the money…..if the engine is growling it’s to late timing chains are on the way’s a non interference engine so the engine heads and valves will not collide…BUT. The pieces might get stuck in the oil suction…wiping out...
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    2005 sport trac xlt throwing coolant everywhere

    Good information on the aluminum thermostat housing…..they last forever ….blew out a plastic one …tried to get to work …expansion tank was full of water ….which did not get sucked in because of leaking housing….,blew a head gasket….be aware….thermostat R/R is not cheap to put in $400. Part...
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    Which is truly the Best Spark Plug For a 2nd Gen 2007 Explorer Sport Trac 4.0 V6?

    Lots of info on spark plugs….reminds me of pot in the the 60s….everybody’s got the best….I have never changed spark plugs in my life….on my S/T s and I have six all over 200k…. They might have been changed….before I got them. But I never changed then unless I had the engine rebuilt and then...
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    Transmission info

    2002/03 S/T 2 wheel drive replaced tranny w used junkyard tranny. Put it in gear takes 3 /5 seconds….to engage Works but very slowly… Tranny light dash on….any ideas. To keep it running..seems like it on its way out…
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    Seatbelt receiver/buckle

    Junkyard explorer seats are the best….1999/2000 seats have better materials and metal shifts for seat backs so they never break …got to grease then once in a while …get the manual seat movers they never break. Move fast and let the seat go way back for a nap…lower cusion get cut by the wires so...
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    Differential service - slight whining

    Rear ends are pretty durable….like a manual transmission. Just big gears in oil..R/R oil at least every 100k if your a cheapskate..60k if you care…30k if it’s your baby…I use Walmart syn 75/140.. because I’m cheap and I change it every 50k ..all my 5 s/t 1 s have 250k. Only one destroyed when...
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    2002 Sport Trac fan - Rebuilding them one at a time in Coatesville, PA

    Loved your I got extra parts. I don’t think you got even have half of what I got in parts on my 5s/t …2 sports but I love another guy with the foresight……live in Orlando no rust. Lol sorry Canada. …. 5 junkyards …10 miles from my house My hobby/ survival …trucks kids got 3 2 are mine 2 sit...
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    Fuel pumps

    How many different fuel pumps are there in the S/T 1 and we’re the sports 01/03 made in Kentucky assembly line or a different place ..also are those fuel pumps different What the different fuel pumps lines…
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    Never changed a solenoid Pack How hard How expensive How often does it work
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    Thank you That’s what I thought
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    Towing Capacity Question

    Harry …..chris I also live in central fla Belle isle. S/t 1 do you fix your own truck…I have many parts to trade Or even better to work on trucks together are you a back yard mechanic
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    My o/d transmission light just came on in a transmission I put in from the junkyard…last week. drives great. Shifts a little rough changed oil and filter…. Anybody got experience with this happening Means trannys going???? Do I have time To save up. Working ok at the moment
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    2005 Explorer Sport Trac Flip Out Bed Replacement Lock Pin

    Lolol Orlando fla. those pins and floor mats are really hard to find…found one last week….a first…And I go every week to junkyard …my hobbie. there are 17 S/T 1s at upulland pay Orlando look it up and look at the pictures of the s/t coming in… some look better than mine…. there starting to come...
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    03 Issue with... ?

    I don’t go under the truck to drain the transmission fluid anymore…..unless I want to change the transmission filter. I unscrew the top radiator transmission line cut a piece of garden hose and put it over the transmission line and duck tape it real good so it doesn’t leak out …put the hose...
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    Installed Michelin Defender LTX MS Tires

    I have 5 S/T 1 gen and 2 sports Got them all with bad motors or bad trannys 100k plus most came with good tires…so I was able to judge what was a smooth quiet tire. One came with Firestone L/T tires 245/75 r16 50 /80 psi. That’s a hard ride over bumps and Road. But it is a L/T better gas mileage...