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  1. Todd Z

    Parts For Sale 01 to 05 3" Body Lift Kit (New)

    Try ebay..... I seem to have more luck there, Just price to cover fees and what you want for it and eventually they sell....
  2. Todd Z


    Welcome, Hopefully the site owners get to work fixing the IMPORTANT BUGS !! or they will have single handedly TRASHED THIS SITE FOREVER !!!!!
  3. Todd Z

    Member profile info not showing up ??

    JUST like ALL our old photos, I bet its LOST FOREVER !!!! IM SO PISSED !!!!
  4. Todd Z

    Grill bracket...what is this for?

    CHECK the wires and connection at the block, Make sure it all looks safe before you just plug it in......
  5. Todd Z

    tonneau lock cover

  6. Todd Z

    Help interior and exterior door handles are broken

    Having a bad day man ???? I post responses all the time that go un responded to, Thanked or whatnot. Heck I answer FB messages that i never even get a thank you too !!! They don't even start off with hello or can you help me..... There is no courtesy anymore in the world... its all gone...
  7. Todd Z

    Still p0301 and some 0171

    If the injector is dirty that's hard to diagnose, Run a cleaner, You can OHM the injectors coils and compare them to see if the injector electronics are bad.
  8. Todd Z

    Head gasket

    I have actually seen people do this before. But you can do the drivers side head in the truck. You can not do the passenger side.
  9. Todd Z

    3 row radiator

    Effing auto correct. Fixed.
  10. Todd Z

    3 row radiator

    Motorcraft from Rockauto or the better one from Advanced auto. Have not installed the all aluminum one yet in a gen 2. Did 4 in the Gen 1.
  11. Todd Z

    3 row radiator

    Either way, I’ve done about 8-10 of them. Never discharged AC.
  12. Todd Z

    Door Hinge Pin Replacement

    It was the ranger kit that had the nuts on the bottom... Im not sure exactly... its about 2 years since i did it.
  13. Todd Z

    2008 ST Limited

    Welcome, Nice truck...
  14. Todd Z

    AC & Heat vents

    See if Facebook market or other places have back yard guy that may just be able to patch 1 line and make something work.... ALSO with the lines leaking the motor will run lean and can cause more damage then good.
  15. Todd Z

    2002 ST Help locate fuse and relays for AC/heater blower

    Also make sure the wire pigtail isn't rusted to the resistor, happens alot and causes a no work situation but you can still read voltage... places sell the resistor and new pig tail together.
  16. Todd Z

    Issues de-activating autolock

    Try with door closed, or open... Try a different procedure... they are touchy.... if not exact, it no work...
  17. Todd Z

    3 row radiator

    Just need a LONG extension for each side of the rad, and you unbolt the condenser. NO need to mess with the AC......
  18. Todd Z

    Front Driver Side Squeaking/Noise

    Lower ball joints.
  19. Todd Z

    DPFE Sensor 2010 4.0 V6

    yup, Part of the EGR....