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  1. Todd Z

    High Temp Indication

    Under the battery is also another harness that gets damaged... BUT did you replace your thermostat ?? Mileage means NOTHING...... its 12 freaking years old !!! flush coolant and replace thermostat.... Check for leak on top of the radiator... check coolant level when COLD in radiator, not the...
  2. CamoKorean

    Hose Identification

    I decided to upgrade to a aluminum thermostat housing since I've replaced two plastic version within a 9-10 month period. Everything is back together and I have a leak coming from that hose circled in red where it connects to the metal tubing going up to the heater core. I think it is a heater...
  3. DILLARD000

    Hose Identification

    Excellent that you're replacing junk plastic TStatHousing with an Aluminum version; good decision! Yep, you've got the correct Ford part for that 5/8" coolant hose elbow; out of top right of TStatHousing, connects to a HeaterHoseSteelTeeContraption bolted to right side of engine. Yep, agree with...
  4. A


    You can and should have a compression test done if you believe there is head gasket damage. Do you see coolant in the oil?? You cannot properly diagnose the cooling system with bad or failed parts ie: broken thermostat housing bolt. However slight, that broken bolt is not allowing the cooling...
  5. J

    2005 sport trac xlt throwing coolant everywhere

    I'm aware of the crappy plastic coolant thermostat housing. Have a thermostat sitting in the garage, ready to replace it, as the coolant system is acting funky. Not spitting anything anywhere, but the girlfriend was driving her, and she was overheating. Wouldn't go full hot, and would go up...
  6. J

    Overheating and rough idle

    Well I might need to hear about the available radiator. My '06 Explorer is making a really weird sound; like steam blown by a reed. I popped the hood, and am seeing what looks like a cap blowing some stuff by, and the reservoir was low. Don't yet know why (bad cap, leak in rad, bad...
  7. DILLARD000

    How many miles?

    Stop spending money+time on junk plastic Factory\AfterMarket ThermoStat Housings, & potentially overheating+damaging your engine when they crack+leak. Get an Aluminum ThermoStat Housing; cost comparable to AfterMarket plastic & much less than Ford OEM. More info here...
  8. 8

    Thermostat Housing

    My thermostat housing is doing the typical warp and leak issue that I've seen is pretty typical. I was wondering if anyone had any experience using this one from Rock Auto and if you would recommend it? Thanks in advance for any advice!
  9. bthor76

    Newbie from New Orleans.

    How y’all are? I’m thinking of buying an ‘04 Sport Trac that froze when we had that unusually cold weather last month. The owner had an ongoing thermostat gasket leak which he kept adding water to. The weather dipped into the teens for hours and that’s all she wrote. He replaced a freeze...
  10. J

    After 7 years the ST project is complete

    I giggled at the rad didn't owe you anything, LOL! No, at that mileage, it's certainly done it's duty! How has the Ebay radiator treated you? Was it a quality part? Looking good! Aside from the driveshaft that my mechanic told me will need to be replaced, SOON (I'll have to see if there are...
  11. A


    You can try and replace the petcock valve in the radiator....BUUUUTTTT... If there is rust, that means there was not the proper amount of coolant in the cooling system. That is what allows the system to oxidize and rust. You put in a flush and radiator sealant. That's not good. Sealant is...
  12. A

    P0128 code

    p0128 coolant temp below regulating value. Basically the thermostats of newer vehicles are designed to "stick" open when they fail. When that happens the engine will not get to normal operating temperature, which in turn will cause the p0128 fault. Take a REALLY GOOD look at the thermostat...
  13. OLE442

    Battery Problem

    I like my Sport Trac......... I have had more issues with this vehicle than with any new GM car I ever bought......even my 1972 Vega GT!! The tranny bump was understandable but the problems many on her have experienced with tranny failure is BS IMO! Mine is still working but I only have 80,000...
  14. 8

    P0128 code

    Thanks so much! I appreciate it
  15. DILLARD000

    Thermostat Housing

    Appreciate all the prior posts on v6~4.0L~SOHC Plastic ThermoStat Housing problems & fixes. Swapped my 2001 Ex Sport Trac to an aluminum Housing in 2019Aug. No leaks as of now 2020Mar & ~5K more miles, knock on plastic! My write up & pics...
  16. DILLARD000

    Thermostat Housing: Why they leak and permanent fix

    Appreciate posts on ThermoStat Housing issue for V6~4.0L~SOHC in 1997\Later Explorers+Rangers+Mustangs+... Swapped out old plastic for new aluminum ThermoStat Housing in 2001 Ford ExSportTrac; did that 2019Aug with no leak as of 2020Mar & another 5000+ miles; knock on plastic! My write up with...
  17. G

    Thermostat Housing

    My housing leaked... So I thought it ended being the two temp sensors on top
  18. Paul Fithian

    Thermostat Housing: Why they leak and permanent fix

    I have posted this on some other forums and wanted to post here for fellow Sport Trac owners. Bottom line is you are wasting your time and money on anything other than a Simmons aluminum thermostat housing. While on a recent trip to Florida, the tensioner pulley seized, destroyed the belt, and...
  19. A

    So I swapped a 16 lb radiator cap for the 20 lb...

    The Ebay all aluminum radiators (2 slightly different styles) each have different trans cooler connectors than the CU2952, nor much feedback so I'm not too comfortable purchasing one. Rockauto is the cheapest I've found on a Motorcraft or Spectra Premium CU2952. I chose the Spectra, RA provides...
  20. swshawaii

    Metal vs Plastic Thermostat?

    2001-05 (Gen 1) only came with the 4.0L SOHC V6 engine. Here's a recent t-stat housing thread.