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  1. Henry Suarez

    Looking for tire recommendations

    Time for new tires. Going w/ 275/ 55 R20 Thinking about Eagle Sport All-Season or Michelin LTX M/S2...or let me know your opinion. I like to haul ass and I tow a 23ft boat. No off-roading or snow (Miami). Thanks guys.
  2. Henry Suarez

    I want to cry!!!!

    So I'm up on the roof pulling down my Christmas lights when I notice the roof on my Trac is full of corrosion. and not just the surface kind either. Bad couple of weeks for her.
  3. Henry Suarez

    I feels like my Sport Trac is in AWD all the time but no AWD light on.

    I'm getting a vibration from the floor board and it feels like i'm in AWD. Anybody have this before?
  4. Henry Suarez

    Fog light frustration!!!

    Ok, so a couple months ago the wire connector went bad on the left fog lamp. I purchased an Amazon replacement, that works fine, but I keep getting water. Anyone have any tricks. I'm thinking of siliconing the crap out of it or just buying the oem cable (which is expensive).
  5. Henry Suarez

    Rear Camera Any suggestions, Looking to add one.

    Backed into the garbage can.........Time for a camera.
  6. Henry Suarez

    Soooooo Disapointed with my wheels

    As most Adrenalin owners know, your wheels will soon begin to get that spider vein of corrosion. Mine are out of control. I am going to start looking for aftermarket wheels. I'd consider the older style Lightning wheels or maybe something in black. Does anyone know the hub size and offset I...
  7. Henry Suarez

    Need wire plug for Adrenalin fog lamp

    Anyone have one handy they might want to sell me. Please....
  8. Henry Suarez

    Need 2008-10 Adrenalin Fog Lamp

    Need one please. Thanks. Email me with price.
  9. Henry Suarez

    Braided brake lines

    Going to have my brake lines custom made. What's a fair price?
  10. Henry Suarez

    Gears and Towing Capacity

    I am again considering changing my gears to a 4.10 ratio. Because I tow a 7000 lb boat I need every bit I can get. Will changing my gears lower my towing capacity?
  11. Henry Suarez

    Rear Head Rests Gen2

    Has anyone tried swapping out or modifing their back seat head rests? If so, what fits? YES, I know you can flip them down, but when I do, my kids flip them back up.....and I hate them also. Thanks.
  12. Henry Suarez

    I Hate My A/C!!!!!!

    So, its hot as hell here in Miami, and the damn STA's A/C is taking forever to cool the cabin down. The air coming out of the vents is probably about 75 degrees. I checked the Freon and it is up to par, the compressor is not shutting down at any point, and I have no trash or leaf build up in...
  13. Henry Suarez

    Gen2 V8 OEM Throtle Body

    Has 30K miles on it just sitting in my garage. Make me an offer.
  14. Henry Suarez

    Front Diff Maintenance.

    Why!!!!!!!!Did Ford not put a drain plug on the front diff. of the Gen2 AWD's. I was changing fluids today and ran into this problem. I did the rear and transfer case with no problem, however the front only has a fill plug but no drain plug. Or did I miss it? Now I have to go and buy the...
  15. Henry Suarez

    Transmision Flush

    Is $195 for a transmission flush too much?
  16. Henry Suarez

    Power Steering Pump

    My STA power steering pump is making a whining noise however it is not leaking nor low on fluid. Any suggestions on a possible repair or am I stuck having to replace the pump?
  17. Henry Suarez

    Front Lic Plate Holder off a 2010 STA

    $10 plus shipping.
  18. Henry Suarez

    Friction Modifier

    Just hit 50k miles and planing on changing the fluid in both front and rear diff's. Do I need Friction Modifier in the front? I know I need it it the rear. Also what oil do you guys recommend for the transfer case? Thanks.
  19. Henry Suarez

    Faux Adrenalin Fender Vents

    I have a set of black Faux Adrenalin Fender Vents that I will be putting up for sale later this week on Ebay. What are they worth?
  20. Henry Suarez

    AC Problem

    So the STA is now almost 5 years old and the battery quit on me last week. The good news is that my Airbag light doesn't come on anymore (Must have been a Battery issue). BTW the battery was cracked from the positive terminal to maintenance holes. Now my AC doesn't cool down the truck like it...