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    2002 ST Help locate fuse and relays for AC/heater blower

    The blower doesn't blow at any fan speed setting for any climate setting, (especially A/C.) please advise!
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    2002 ST Codes P0401 & P0402 HELP PLEASE

    Check Engine light came on and went to O'Reilly and the scanned and reset it P0401. Then a couple of days later the Check Engine light came on, and went to O'Reilly's again and it said P0401 and something about being stored. They reset it. After a couple days Check Engine came on again but went...
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    2002 ST PCV question

    Trying to learn about PCV valves, throttle bodies, air filters, IAC, & MAF. I used to just tell the shop that I needed a tune-up, but they keep the vehicle several days, and besides, I can use the money I save for other car stuff. So there is oil in the air filter canister, so I guess the PVC...
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    2002 ST Tune Up For Dummies please

    Is there a concise guide to performing a "tune-up"? When I was younger, a "tune-up" was plugs, points, condenser, plug wires and air filter, but things have changed, and that was decades ago. I read where the ST spark plugs are easily broken. There are several sensors which should be routinely...
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    Blemished wheels

    The aluminum wheels on my 2002 are stuffed and blemished. Can they be refinished?
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    need recommendations for shocks, please

    2002 ST I want to put on shocks to compliment the new upper and lower ball joints, tires, and chassis mounts! TIA
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    ST 2002 No rest for my arm

    My grandson stood on my armrest going from the front passenger seat to the back, and it is cracked up badly; the hinge assembly, the armrest part is cracked and even the cup holder is damaged. (I probably did a lot of damage myself in the ten or so years of bad road I've owned the truck) The...
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    2002 ST:How to wire in a light bar

    The kind that goes on the tailgate and has sequential turn; stop; running & backup. The only way I cn figure to do it is with two relays, but I would prefer not to use relays. The other two issues I am having I must put on hold until I get some $. The A/C with a mind of its own (it works fine...
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    My A/C has a mind of its own.

    From when I bought the ST (a long time ago but used) the A/C worked fine. Then recently it quit. I took it to the shop and they say they repaired it. I thought it was fixed, but it will suddenly stop blowing cold air. I took it back and they said the A/C worked OK. They had the car running...
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    2002 ST Driver door says "DOOR AJAR"

    Suddenly. Door doesn't close flush but unlocks (with inside and outside handles) locks (when door is closed) & latches OK. (shouldering the door from the inside and it does not open). I lifted up on door and upper door bushing is worn, but not noticeably more than other doors. The nylon on the...
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    2002 ST low beams nw

    The low beams do not work but the high beams do. Just replaced the multiswitch a few months ago and I thought all was working well, but I do not drive at night too much and may not have noticed. I replaced the multiswitch because the wipers were out of control. The wipers work OK with new...
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    Help with wipers

    I am having problems with the wipers. For a while the different speeds were not available, only on or off. Now they won't stop. When I look up fuses on the Internet, nothing seems to match my vehicle. I have a 2002 ST 04-02. For now I unplugged the wiper moter
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    Wipers messed up

    Thank God my wipers have always turned on, but they don't respond to the controller, always just going pretty fast, no delays. What is the part that need to be replaced, and how hard is it to replace? Thanks in advance.
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    towing question ST2002

    How do I determine the proper weight limit for towing? I imagine the number of passengers and weight in the bed and roof have an impact. Then how do I determine if I'm within safe limits? by safe, I mean not over stressing the AT. Thanks
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    ST 2002 OD/off

    I was half way thru a 600 mile trip out of Jacksonville, FL when my engine raced while I was in gear. I let up on the gas and then got off I-95 to evaluate. It was dark and a storm was going on (Joaquinn, Florence SC, Saturday PM) The transmission fluid seemed OK and was the right...
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    damaged tailgate 2002 ST

    I backed into a bollard with the tailgate open. It hit all the way at the left end and dodn't leave a mark, but the tailgate rubs when I close it. I forgot how to paste images, but it is the pivot/bracket which bent. What is best approach to resolving? find one in a salvage or bend it back?
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    Transmission hose ST 2002

    Standing in front of the ST on the left side is a square hole in the bumper and a rubber hose is visible. This hose is leaking, and the bottom of the vehicle in front has fluid on it. Any clues as to what is involved in the repair? The shop guesstimate is $450. [email protected]
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    cracked CC boot

    2002 ST the cruise control boot has cracked. Cruise control works fine. Any ideas short of pulling off the steering wheel? Thanks
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    ST2002 suggestions for new radio

    My radio has a CD player. I think it is no frills basic model and it is original. It is time for a new one. What are some options for a decent bolt in replacement? Thanks
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    break lights not working question 2002 ST

    The brake lights on the back are not working, but the one on the back of the cab still does. What are possible causes? Also I see references to gen1 and gen2 in the forum. What does this mean?