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  1. Double Down

    To get the vehicle information under your avatar -

    2nd Gen Owner 2 Wheel Drive V8 Engine
  2. Double Down

    Cruise control issue

    The clockspring is basically the electrical connection for the steering wheel controls and horn. It sits behind the steering wheel and airbag.
  3. Double Down

    Cruise control issue

    Had cruise control go out on my 2008, was intermittent, then horn and sync quit. Turned out changing the clockspring fixed it. $120 part from dealer, took about an hour at home, including the 30 minute wait after disconnecting the battery to make sure the airbag had no power. Might or might not...
  4. Double Down

    Parts Wanted Sub woofer

    Is that a custom mounted woofer in the passenger seat as well? 😁
  5. Double Down

    what to do with magazine covers

    Your local home improvement store probably carries a product called Deft clear lacquer. You can roll or brush it on over the covers after you stick them to the wood. It can be layered on as many layers as you want. I have been to a few bars that used it on their tables up to about 1/2" thick...
  6. Double Down

    Angel Flight on 4th of July

    Paratigger, you and all the other heroes out there will always be in my prayers, and I will sure hoist a cold Corona today with a heartfelt Thank You.
  7. Double Down

    Gun owners / Enthusiasts EDIT: Purchase made... Pics !!

    I own several SIG's for well over a decade, including the P226. I love them. If you can get a deal on one, don't hesitate.
  8. Double Down

    hard tonneau cover

    SnugTop. I have one and it looks sweet!
  9. Double Down

    Glock opinions?

    I would say go for the Glock 30 with more choices of holsters/accessories. I have always been a fan of SIG. However, even their "carry" model of the .45 still has a full size frame, just a 1/2" shortened barrel. On a side note, my father is a retired police officer and carried a SIG P220...
  10. Double Down

    Dog Truck

    That quilt looks nice, and the hooks to the child seat anchors is ingenious!