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    Rear Disc Brake Conversion

    That does not appear to have a parking brake.
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    RIP our good friend, LaRue Medlin

    We are currently in Florida. If the funeral is around the time we are heading north, we will make a calling to show our respect.
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    RIP our good friend, LaRue Medlin

    Friends, It has come to my attention that a long time member, close ST friends, patriot, and all around nice guy, LaRue Medlin has passed away in death. I do not know what happened RIP in my friend. You are a great guy that is loved by many! Tom
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    third timing chain?

    I believe there is as many as 4. From my memory. the 4x2 models has one from the crank to a rod where a traditional cam is located. Then there is a chain to each head, one in the back and one in the front. 4x4 models have an additional chain to a balance shaft. I may be wrong since it...
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    ATTN: All Audiophiles

    I already know the answer to this and I knew the problem right away. Sharing of knowledge may help someone in the future if they ever experience this issue. The system is complete. I ended up using the head unit to power the speakers. It sounds good. two 6x9's in the back and two 6 1/2"...
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    I work at the same location, but it is no longer Big & Wonderful. We are now the "ex" again, but totally on our own. Tom
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    blksn8k, Is that building in Ohio or PA? We need to get together sometime if you are still in Ohio. I live behind the New Franklin Fire Department/Police Station off Center Rd. I live close to you. Tom
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    Need Help for '99 ford escort

    I named that group years ago. Great group. I haven't visited it in years. Tom
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    Need Help for '99 ford escort

    First I would check the hose from the MAF to Intake Plenum. Second, I would check compression. Tom
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    Well...crap (O/D light blinking, tranny busted)

    A 2001 4X4 Trac is worth more than $3K is the body is in good shape. Tom
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    ATTN: All Audiophiles

    Not a bad idea. Thanks Todd! Tom
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    5.3L Engine Swap

    When did Ford make a 5.3 L engine. It is a 5.4 people! I love you all!!! Tom
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    ATTN: All Audiophiles

    Hello Eddie!!! Tom
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    ATTN: All Audiophiles

    It has been well. Two healthy kids and the wife still keeps me around. Job is going well (as well as a job can be) and enjoying life. Tom
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    ATTN: All Audiophiles

    I am installing audio in my boat. Anyways, I plan to run a pair of 6x9's in the back, a pair of 6 1/2" up front, and a possible subwoofer under one of the seats. The head unit has the standard speaker connections, but only 1 pre-amp output (L+R channels). If I were to decide to run a 4...
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    What a big fustercluck...

    99.9% of Republicans would wish Harry Reid would F O A D! Tom
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    I'm pretty religious, but, come on, now

    And people wonder my religious people are considered crazy. Tom
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    2017 Ridgeline

    Flop!!! Tom
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    ****Stock Navigation System****

    We have the OEM navigation system in our Mountaineer. Total waste of money. Doesn't have 1/4 the functions of a Garmin Nuvi and 10 times the price. Map updates are stupidly expensive. Total waste!!! Tom
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    2014 F-150 EcoBoost LOUD - Normal?

    Sounds like to fan clutch. try turning the AC off and see if it goes away. Tom