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    Bull Bar 2.0

    After I sent the other one back I got lonesome for a bull bar. This morning I ordered a Westin #30-0005 from a vendor on ebay for $120.28 and their ad plus other ads show that number to be a confirmed fit for my 2005. Then I ordered mount kit #30-1145 for $57.33 from another vendor. I...
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    Finally got my new bull bar...and...

    ...nothing lined up and the top piece was pressing in on the grill! Bought it off of ebay but was sent one different than the one I ordered. I ordered a Kasei and received a Black Horse universal fit model. The bracket box correctly identified my 2005 ST. Spent Saturday-Sunday tweaking &...
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    Checking into a mild lift (2-3") for my 2005 4X4

    What is the most reasonable way to go? Don't want to break the bank, just wanting to improve the stance. I'd have a shop do it. Any thoughts or pics?
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    Bull Bar

    Been thinking about adding a bull bar up front on my 2005. Have any brand suggestions? Looks like they run around $300. Can't make up my mind which looks better: polished stainless or black. My ST is silver.
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    Driver's side seat belt...

    ...does your diagonal across the chest belt lock in when jerked? My lower belt is snug upon locking in but the upper belt is sort of free wheeling. Is this normal? When I grab it and give it a snap it just remains loosey-goosey.
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    New from Nevada

    Just picked up a 2005 Sport Trac 4.0 XLT last week. I'll need to post pics. It looks minty with 157K.