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  1. Todd Z

    LED replacement

    Just install the resistor pack and the dash warning goes away. Plug and play from Sealight... Got mine from amazon. 29.99 right now.. Sealight resistor kit 9008
  2. Todd Z

    New to me Sport Trac

    Welcome... Its slow here, IF you have Facebook, Check out that forum, more activity.
  3. Todd Z

    Snow plow.

    Year and motor?? The little manual one is ok, The truck is not really designed to plow.
  4. Todd Z

    2008 4.0 2wd in Atlanta, new to forum, Limp mode issue?

    Id start at plugs, Wires, Coil and fuel filter. Do the basics now.... Normally when driving thats the issue. Could also be the TB but doubt it... You have had alot of work done, could even be a loose connection.
  5. Todd Z

    Scammers on Sport

    Have to tag @FogLights @Admin and hope they see it. So sad how this site has gone to junk.....
  6. Todd Z

    Coolant Leak to Nowhere?

    Just replace it..
  7. Todd Z

    wheel well top splash guard...

    01-02 had them from the factory..... Ford removed them in 03 to allow the engine to cool better and the AC to be colder... No clue about the Gen 2 but I'm sure its the same reason.
  8. Todd Z

    Ball joints wear out early?

    Sounds like its being installed improperly.. Or you have something else moving and they are blaming the hub, bad diagnosis...
  9. Todd Z

    2010 Blue Flame Adrenalin AWD

    Aftermarket- Amerihood makes it.
  10. Todd Z

    My sport trac

  11. Todd Z

    Front end squeak noise!

    Parts today SUCK !!
  12. Todd Z

    Door hinge adjustment

    Your mechanic does not know what he is talking about....... The pin can be cut out, and a hinge pin kit installed.... Fixed.... Ive done about 10 sets over the past 20 years...
  13. Todd Z

    Btf control arms

    Gen 4 Explorer 06-10 is the same..... Nothing made anymore for the rear, BUT the rear is good up to 3" or so of lift.
  14. Todd Z

    To get the vehicle information under your avatar -

    Dillard, Yours is the only one on this thread that is screwy..... The others all seem to be correct.. ALSO when the poster is looking, their OWN info does not show up until they post.... Weird... But not crucial.
  15. Todd Z

    wump wump noise

    Glad you found it.
  16. Todd Z


    Solder on a connecter and then insert led bulb.....
  17. Todd Z


    Welcome, Its slow here but very helpful.
  18. Todd Z

    Squeak changes with RPM after Thermostat replacement

    Make sure the crank pulley is not going bad..( Separating) Coolant on the belts and pulleys makes this happen too..
  19. Todd Z

    Cruise control now working again

    That's because that's the cable for the cruise motor.... you fixed it.
  20. Todd Z

    2007 Rear Window Troubleshooting

    remove the back plastic panel, then there is an access panel behind that.