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  1. Supercharged SVT

    Anyone done a 4.6 to 5.2 stroker?

    My 2010 STA Blown Adrenalin just clicked 101k - thinking I want to rebuild with a 5.2 stroker and a fresh blower - Anyone done anything like this? I have seen 5.0 Coyote swaps that have had transmission issues - the 5.4 swap with the 6 Speed - but again issues - I have enjoyed 500rwhp for...
  2. Supercharged SVT

    SVT Adrenalin might be coming up for sale

    I picked up a new 2018 Shelby GT350R with a 900hp Whipple, upgraded clutch, and more I am thinking of selling the 2010 blown SVT Adrenalin AWD with more custom mods than seen anywhere - 6 piston brakes front, 4 piston rear, inter cooled roush blower, GT500 wheels - twin to the prototype from...
  3. Supercharged SVT

    New Stable Mate for the SVT STA

    0-50 mph the truck wins on 3mph rolling launch and spool up - after that the 2018 Shelby owns the scene - STA has larger 4 Piston Rears and brakes just as solid - maybe I can leave this one alone~
  4. Supercharged SVT

    STA Black Chrome Wheels for Sale $600

    These were Black Chrome PVD done in Detroit by Perma-Chrome in 2010 No Corrosion but normal chips and wear - I will take fresh pictures tomorrow, but this is an idea of how great looking they are - these are NOT the standard polished - this was a $900 custom Upgrade with SVT Centercaps I have...
  5. Supercharged SVT

    14.3" - 4 Piston Rear Brake UpGrade for SuperChargedSVT

    Work and Life get in the way of having fun with my fun SuperCharged SVT Project. Most will remember that most changes were made at 300 miles in 2010 - problem free Last year I did a Front 6 Piston Brembo FoMoCo conversion - all custom built Spindles, brackets, and Stainless lines This year was...
  6. Supercharged SVT

    Gen2 STA Six Piston Brake Upgrade

    Has anyone successfully pulled this off? I just picked up a Donor Spindle with hub from the salvage yard and we will start this project this month at the engineering shop to fabricate brackets and manage the offset - SuperCharged SVT is slated to receive some TLC - 15" Rotors up front with Ford...
  7. Supercharged SVT

    2013 Ford Fusion ST

    Parking the Supercharged SVT for a while and enjoying the new Ford - Fully loaded - adaptive cruise, bliss, leather, heated seats, 19" wheels - a real head turner and its averaging 44mpg with the way I drive - coming from a guy that uses all 508hp of his AWD STA everyday - [Broken...
  8. Supercharged SVT

    Replacement Tailgate Badge

    the factory one started peeling - this one is a fomoco billit item [Broken External Image]:
  9. Supercharged SVT

    2010 STA factory ride height

    Can anyone tell me the fender to ground on their 2010 STA, I have lost my origional data somewhere. With the Coilover set up, I am 31" Fender to Pavement which is about three fingers between the tire and the fender... the 5100's are incredible, smooth, firm, and flat in curves - I remember...
  10. Supercharged SVT

    Coil Overs

    To replace the springs that I had made in 2010 (one broke) normal ride and drive - no off road - Modified Bilstein 5100 F150 Shocks on a Lathe to lower the perch 3" and then got a Bilstein Coil Over Kit and some light weight Eibach race springs to make it balance out - This approach is...
  11. Supercharged SVT

    Fender Brace In Place

    Took a little bit of design but its complete and in place - While I was in there. I made a 5" opening at the airbox so it can breath a little better - The Brace is 100% cosmetic for the critic in the crowd and yes, I know that STA's don't have strut towers - It looks great when the hood it...
  12. Supercharged SVT

    Factory Leather Seat Covers

    Anyone have a 2010 Cloth ST that wants the Charcoal STA Leather covers for the front and back? Little wear. no scuffs, no damage, No Pets, No Kids Let me know -
  13. Supercharged SVT

    200 KM SVT Speedo Installed

    Wrapped this up finally - it is an OverLay from a Canadian 4.6 - Cost $25 - Shipping $40 This goes well with the theme of the machine and the mph is spot in without any calibration and the 200 look adds to the Ethanol Tuned 487hp. The flash pix show the SVT, the shifter, the pedals...
  14. Supercharged SVT

    Roush Tipped Duals

    New Magnaflow on today - no Dr Gas - out to a 3.00 tailpipe - If anyone is counting this is number six. Great news is that the belt slip is gone before the new belt because of the increased flow. If this doesn't hold up we will route the pipes under the pumpkin like a Corvette and out...
  15. Supercharged SVT

    Zero -110

    Traction Assist is going crazy - Belt is slipping at WOT - but it's damn fast for an AWD - first five gears on a Closed Road Race Course - 0-100 - SVT Adrenalin 15 Seconds w/trac assist 0-100 - 14.03 seconds Corvette Z06 on a test run Wonder what another run would do with a New...
  16. Supercharged SVT

    Exhaust Blown Out

    I just lost the guts to my 5th Muffler this one is a Dr Gas - 2 inlets and 2 outlets both 2.25 and have gone through 2 magnaflows, one NAPA, 1 Factory - Total of 5 - Blown insides, blown apart the seams, and split the magnaflow where they didnt even have a seam. We are 11.2 PSI Blown, 487...
  17. Supercharged SVT

    GenII V8 Factory Injectors - T-Body

    These have about 300 miles on them and have been in the garage - $50 for these Via Pay-Pal Factory T-Body - same miles - One Screw for TPS is Broke off and will need drilled out - $25 All 4 Factory OEM Shocks - same miles - Make Offer (heavy to ship so make a decent offer please)
  18. Supercharged SVT

    Sirus Headache

    Don't you hate it when the lady from another country calls you and explains that you are deliquent on your Sirus and that you have an outstanding balance of $248 which includes travel and radio - I asked here where she was and she said the Midwest area - i said Omaha, she said very close, I...
  19. Supercharged SVT

    Brisk Plugs

    Found something that doesnt work with a 11psi Blower and E85 - XOR12YS Brisk Racing Plugs - Flat Melted down and within a day on the dyno lost 3 from Meltdown misfire - Made More Power with OEM and thankfully I didnt throw away the good old Ford ones - so be careful when looking at an $19 plug...
  20. Supercharged SVT

    Spring Time In the Midwest!

    Pulls Like a dream! Time for a Detail and some fresh stripes - One runs on E85 the other runs on the wind! Doing my part to go green! [Broken External Image]: