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    My sport trac

    Very nice rig! Welcome!
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    wump wump noise

    Glad it was a simple fix.
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    New in Minnesota

    Welcome to the Forum. It's a good place to learn a lot. Enjoy the transition from AZ! That's cool you scored a V8 ST!
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    Seat swap or rebuild oem seat?

    Russell...Did you come to any decision on your seat issue?
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    '02 ST XLT 4.0 4x2 5-spd Manual - RPMs racing

    swshawaii...Thank you for that article! Good stuff!
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    Bull Bar

    Westin Safari Bar
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    Bull Bar

    Got the Westin Safari Bar installed today. Fairly simple. Wanting to post pics but my daughter is working late and I'll need to wait til she gets home while it's still light to get the pics. The bar is part #30-0005 and the mount kit is #30-1145 which fits my 2005 ST. There is another mount kit...
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    Bull Bar

    UPS delivered my Westin safari bull bar today. Everything intact with no dents or scratches. It's a 2 incher and looks beefy. Got my mount kit in place but didn't have time to complete the install. Pics will be forthcoming.
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    What did you do today?

    Just the other day installed a class 3 receiver hitch on my 2005 ST. It's a Draw-Tite from Took 2 of us to do it. The website has a video on how-to. But in the bolts bag there are 2 shims that aren't right. Ugh! They are a pinch too wide and had to trim about 3/16" off with a...
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    Bull Bar

    I like how you rerouted your license plate.
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    Bull Bar

    My Westin should arrive tomorrow. I'm slow on the uptake with pics but I'll have my daughter take some.
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    Bull Bar

    Sweet! Very nice install job! How hard was it to figure out the wiring for the lights?
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    Bull Bar

    I sent you a PM showing what I ordered today.
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    Bull Bar

    Unfortunately I packed my instruction sheets (many languages) in the small mount kit box that went back with the bar. But from memory it looks pretty much the same. Glad you mentioned to not send the universal bar. Good thinking. As I was trying to make the BH bar work, I went to the hardware...
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    Bull Bar 2.0

    After I sent the other one back I got lonesome for a bull bar. This morning I ordered a Westin #30-0005 from a vendor on ebay for $120.28 and their ad plus other ads show that number to be a confirmed fit for my 2005. Then I ordered mount kit #30-1145 for $57.33 from another vendor. I...
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    Vibration above 70 mph - possible driveshaft?

    Sounds like an out of balance wheel issue. Hopefully it'll be a cheap fix. Keep us posted.
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    Checking into a mild lift (2-3") for my 2005 4X4

    I think the 1.5-2" body lift is the way to go.
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    Bull Bar

    I started a new thread: They sent a "universal Black Horse" (not the Kasei that I ordered) but with the correct mounting kit. I thought since I received a Black Horse at the Kasei price I'd be ahead of the game. It went back...
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    Christmas in August

    You done did good!