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  1. OvalSports


    Gen2 STA’s have skinny spares with no sensors. Not sure about spares on trucks with smaller than 20” rims.
  2. OvalSports


    America is not America anymore. Our morales and ethics are now a reflection of 3rd World refugees and spoiled kids that think being a fag is cool.
  3. OvalSports

    Vehicle For Sale 2010 STA for sale

    I was looking for $15k, but will take an offer from a Ford lover. No issues at all. I can make a long maintenance list if we got to that point, but all fluids and filters are changed ahead of time ( I don’t like a broken down truck, especially from my neglect).
  4. OvalSports

    2010 Adrenaline

    2006 V6 mustang convertible. Teaching my boys how it’s done. Mustang & STA are in the back.
  5. OvalSports

    2010 Adrenaline

    Nope, haven’t made it there yet. We just finished a Boss302 Mustang conversion. Maybe we drive it up.
  6. OvalSports

    Vehicle For Sale 2010 STA for sale

    Hurricane Central - West Palm
  7. OvalSports

    Love my 2010 Adrenalin Sport Trac, and a question

    Yes; it has been done; and no communication issues with electrical if you purchase the $1k harness from PBH. The largest problem is the size. We just finished a 2006 Mustang Coyote swap and it runs great.
  8. OvalSports

    Vehicle For Sale 2010 STA for sale

    Unfortunately I need to part with my beloved Adrenalin for a larger truck in Florida. If anyone is interested before I trade it in, please PM me. 2010 Sport Trac Adrenalin 4.6 RWD Black on Black 116k miles, Bluetooth navigation. New: rotors, red calipers, plugs, coil packs, battery, radiator...
  9. OvalSports

    08 on craigslist

    Thinking of parting with mine. This has been the most reliable vehicle I have ever had, but there’s just too many vehicles in the driveway now. “New“ truck is an ‘84 4x4 flare side.
  10. OvalSports

    Adrenalin Tires

    2nd Gen STA wheels are 8Jx20 ET35. 275’s should be on a wider rim, and as Todd stated, ride-ability would drop..
  11. OvalSports

    Tic,tic, Tic tic, It wont stop

    Sounds like a bad ground cause the led flasher relay to shutter. If you can’t find the direct cause I recommend switching back to OEM style bulbs and flasher relay.
  12. OvalSports

    Tic,tic, Tic tic, It wont stop

    Which bulbs are you running LED or incandescent?
  13. OvalSports

    2010 Sport Trac - hi

    Beautiful truck. Welcome to the community.
  14. OvalSports

    Parts Wanted rubber seal

    Good write up and photos, thank you. Hasn’t anyone tried a bicycle inner tube for this?
  15. OvalSports

    First Day Here

    Great vehicle, and this is a great forum. Welcome!
  16. OvalSports

    GEN2 STA High Performance Brakes.

    This looks great. Assuming we would just be waiting on the August install date for brake bias numbers, is there any concerns with the factory proportioning? Also, will there being any wheel clearancing needed? Below is a 2005-2009 V6 mustang conversion from 11” f&r to 14” f&r we did last month...
  17. OvalSports

    3 row radiator

    I didn’t have that problem, it was an easy swap. However use the internal hex wrench when you drain the radiator; using a regular external wrench will rip the drain plug in half. Also, I recommend flushing the system before replacing the the radiator and make sure to use Gold fluid not green...
  18. OvalSports

    3 row radiator

    I bought an aluminum from Ebay after an emergency replacement with a plastic one.
  19. OvalSports

    Roof Rail Trim

    Does he sell 1st & 2nd gen?
  20. OvalSports

    Unknown Device

    I don’t have that year, but the cap looks like a fuel system evap port if it’s not the A/C service port.