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  1. blert

    my sport trac struggles to move in reverse and squeaks loudly when it does someone help

    Is the parking brake on? Does the parking brake engage/disengage freely and properly? How does it do going forward? 4wd or 2wd?
  2. blert

    front pads

    The PN(a/b), PN(null/a), etc... will likely refer to the caliper piston type being phenolic or steel. The clips are different as the phenolic pistons are smaller diameter.
  3. blert

    Life Support System out

    Google says the average around me (central florida) is around 600-800$. Doesn't seem you are getting a bad deal. Tech has to purge and collect the old refrigerant, replace the part, refill and test it again.
  4. blert

    Ignition coil cable damaged

    Wrap in electrical tape and/or zip-tie?
  5. blert

    2001 - Looking to replace stock radio

    Totally in agreement with you. There are a few points to keep in mind though when searching for a new headset that can stream from bluetooth and do hands-free calling... Bluetooth suffers enough from being crippled with low audio quality. Making sure the hands free and bluetooth standards are...
  6. blert

    2001 - Looking to replace stock radio

    Oh! Forgot something concerning Crutchfield... if you do want to return your headunit (for whatever reason) and try something else, they will ship the replacement right away! No waiting to get the return item first. You have 14 days to get the item back to them and they send a prepaid shipping...
  7. blert

    2001 - Looking to replace stock radio

    That unit is discontinued now :( Here is similar... No CD though, if that is important to you. Alpine's 3band parametric EQ can be tricky to get used to.
  8. blert

    2004 no power seats XLT comfort

    Could still be a grounding issue. Simple test. From the seat motor harness plug... check voltage from the power wire to the ground wire, then check again from the power wire to the chassis. If it reads 12v to the chassis you know the issue is in the ground wire. If they both read 6v you know the...
  9. blert

    2001 - Looking to replace stock radio

    Another thing I will mention is don't pay for features you don't need/want. There are always choices in a given family of headunits, they are all based on the same hardware. Do you need to pay the extra $100 to have 6 pre-outs at 5volts when the cheaper one with 4 pre-outs at 2volts will work...
  10. blert

    2001 - Looking to replace stock radio

    Ok, but OP has a 2001. Modification of the bezel is required. Edit to add: So too is the double din mounting bracket/hardware.
  11. blert

    2001 - Looking to replace stock radio

    Completely agree with Curtis here. No offense meant to christianjpolzin04, but Boss is quite low end. They do offer a five year warrantee, just make sure you buy it from an authorized dealer. If you have the means, avoid Boss, Dual, Jensen, and any brand where the features outweigh the price...
  12. blert

    2001 - Looking to replace stock radio

    If you want double din you will have to modify the bezel. It is nothing more than trimming off a bit of plastic but it ruins the bezel if you ever want to put it back to stock or install a single din. Also, once you add the mount for a double din it cannot be easily removed without taking the...
  13. blert

    Is “Scotty” right?

    Dorman makes one. Probably others also if you have an aversion to Dorman, but more than likely they are all made on the same production line in China and branded later. You could also install one yourself if you have the tools and skills. Worth the time and effort? <- your call.
  14. blert

    Battery wire gauge

    Anybody know the gauge (AWG) of the black wire connecting the battery? Looks like it is 4AWG with an 8AWG strap to the body. Confirm?
  15. blert

    No over drive

    Yup, that is how it works.
  16. blert

    Rear End Whine

    2001... will have drums. Probably be easier to do the whole thing. If you are only doing the diff guts you might as well just rebuild the one you have.
  17. blert

    Rear End Whine

    The whole axle might score you disc brakes if you don't already have them. But that adds the extra cost of new rotors, calipers, etc.
  18. blert

    No over drive

    Personally, I would tackle the p1633 first. The computer thinks that your voltage is extremely low and it is potentially a cheap fix. The computer controls almost everything, if it is not working properly then many other things may not. If you can... clear codes and check them again. If the...
  19. blert

    No over drive

    So, if you push the OD button the indicator light will turn on/off as it should?
  20. blert

    Rear End Whine

    If you get the LS don't forget the small jug of modifier fluid.