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    2001 - Looking to replace stock radio

    I had this Pioneer NEX2500 in my 2005 for a few years and loved it. I used it with Android Auto and SiriusXM. Pioneer Multimedia Double-Din In-Dash 6.2" WVGA Display Receiver Apple CarPlay. Built-in Bluetooth, AppRadio Mode/ Spotify & Pandora Bundled with Alphasonik Earbuds
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    Roof Rail Trim

    I have two that I pulled from a "covered" salvaged 1st gen. Quite the pain to remove. Never installed them on mine before I sold it. They were white and I painted them black. Had to epoxy 3 of the 4 studs. They are in great condition otherwise and flexible, not brittle like mine were. Will post...
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    Unknown Device

    My 2005 was not cooling "well" last year. I charged it with one large recharge can, and it made a huge difference.
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    Roof Rail Trim

    Did you ever find these? Still need them?
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    Trying to install New Bodymount Bushings?

    Thanks. Not even sure how you would do that, especially if they are that rusted.
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    Trying to install New Bodymount Bushings?

    I did all that. Unfortunately the passenger front A bolt still snapped. I also couldn't get the Driver side D lower metal bushing piece to separate by threading the bolt in from the bottom and sledging with a punch from the top. So I could not replace the bushing. I may give it another try...
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    Trying to install New Bodymount Bushings?

    Thanks. That's what I plan on when I get a chance. The nut on top of that one is hard to get to, no room to get a wrench on it. I need about a 1.5 ft. extension to reach it, and I suppose some vise grips to hold it in place on the bottom.
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    SportTrac spotted in Season 4 opener of Ozark.

    Just thought this was amusing. Gen 1 FTW.
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    Trying to install New Bodymount Bushings?

    Well, the A one was a snap alright. Bolt snapped in two! Gave up on A after about 40 minutes and thought I could just get B, C, & D in but I couldn't get the body high enough to get B in. Went back to work on A and now the bolt head has snapped off. Not sure what to do now, cut the whole...
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    Trying to install New Bodymount Bushings?

    Thanks, I had a feeling. That D one is not easy to get at, especially since I have an amp mounted there. I haven't even looked at how you access the A one, looks like under the hood.
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    Trying to install New Bodymount Bushings?

    So I'm trying to install some new poly Bodymount bushings on my 2005 XLT. Using this video as a guide it's pretty straight forward. I'm only needing to replace B & C as was the guy in the video. I have removed the bolts/bottom part on the passenger side for B & C, but when I go to jack up the...
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    Damaged SCT Tuner. Any way(App w/ OBD2 Device) to restore settings?

    Long story short, I bought a Tuner from Torrie probably 12 years ago with three tunes included for my 2005 XLT. I think I set mine to performance. The device has since had the screen broken(no display) and I may have thrown it out. Just curious if there was a way to restore factory/modified...
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    Parts For Sale Gen 1 topper and bed extender

    I'd grab the topper and bike mount but I'm way down in Oklahoma.
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    Bringing Bed Liner back to life

    Have you tried Plastic Trim Restorer? Never considered it for the bed, but it worked well on my Tonneau cover.
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    2005 12V Bed Outlet doesn't work?

    Where can I find a wiring diagram to try and trace that circuit?
  16. K

    2005 12V Bed Outlet doesn't work?

    My 12v outlet in the bed has never worked on my 2005 XLT, but I've never really needed it. I'm trying to troubleshoot it today and get it working. Fuses are all good. Fuse 15 says Rear Power point 20A, fuse 4 says Power Point 20A. Is it on another fuse circuit? I removed the whole square...
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    What did you do to your Sport Trac today?

    I think I found this one in a 2002 Explorer. Much better than the old one. More room in the compartment, better cupholders, spot for phone where I added a USB port for Android Auto/Carplay, and a 12v port on the side. Bought a new lid for $40 on ebay.
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    What did you do to your Sport Trac today?

    Swapped out my Headlights Today. Though this year I've done more for my 2005 than the previous 14 years combined. Replaced the lower ball joints and sway bar links, new radiator and coolant flush, transmission filter and fluid, new plugs and wires, heater control valve (broken changing plugs,)...
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    Photo of rear view mirror, 2005?

    Had to reglue my rear view a few years back on my 2005. No antenna on mine, glued it right to the glass.
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    2008 V8 4x4

    Welcome. Fellow Tulsan here. Love my 2005 SportTrac, also have a Mustang!