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    Coolant Leak to Nowhere?

    A little late, but my '02 has gold coolant. I think the '02s can use either green or gold.
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    Coolant Leak to Nowhere?

    My '02 Sport Trac developed a coolant leak over the summer, and I had trouble determining where the leak was. It finally became evident the back side of the thermostat housing was leaking and the coolant was going under the intake. Never could see the leak from the front. By this time, it was...
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    Class 3 hitch

    I started to post this on my phone last week, but didn't have my log in info available, and forgot to post from the computer later. I have the 3 piece Curt hitch on both of my Sport Tracs. I installed the first one on my '02 by myself in the warehouse at work on a slow day. Installation went...
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    Headlights switch without auto lights

    I have an '01 and an '02. The '01 has fog lights, and the switch is in the lower right corner of the radio bezel. Neither have auto headlights.
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    2002 ST Codes P0401 & P0402 HELP PLEASE

    I can relate to the smoke problem! The valve cover gaskets on my '01 are practically non-existent, especially the driver's side. I stopped driving it to work - where I parked in a parking ramp - last year out of concern somebody would freak out. I retired in Nov, so that's not a problem now. I...
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    Can the factory bed cover latches be released manually?

    I got it off and got the brackets I wanted. They wanted too much for the cover, especially since it was only good for parts after I previously got the front lock covers. To pull the cables, you have to reach in through the side of the latch and grab the bare cable with needle nose pliers, or...
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    Can the factory bed cover latches be released manually?

    '02 Sport Trac (manual trans, btw) in the salvage yard has a factory bed cover. The cover itself is only so-so, and I don't need it, but I'd like to get it open and get the brackets even if I don't buy the cover. The original cables have been replaced with cords, but pulling on the cords isn't...
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    What did you do to your Sport Trac today?

    I'm way late seeing and commenting on this post from Nov, but that shroud hasn't been cut. Ford used radiators with 2" top channels and some with 1" top channels. The radiator shown has a 1" top channel, but the shroud is for a 2" top channel radiator. My '01 has the 2" channel and my '02 has...
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    2005 Explorer Sport Trac Flip Out Bed Replacement Lock Pin

    I bought a bed extender off Craigslist a few years ago that had lever style lock pins. It was off an F-150, but I don't know what year or model. The seller delivered it to me at work as she was going to work, and didn't have time to talk. I swapped the pins into a Sport Trac extender and they...
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    I’m a believer!

    My '02 doesn't have limited slip, and has Goodyear Wrangler SRA tires, which are all-season not M&S, and it goes everywhere I want to go in snow with no problem. I often try to go in 2WD as much as possible just to challenge myself and the truck. I'll use 4WD when there are other cars around so...
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    Anyone have experience with aftermarket front bumper covers?

    I'm a bit late here, but if you're checking salvage yards, include the '01-'03 2 door Explorer Sports in your search as they share the front sheet metal and bumper with the Sport Tracs.
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    New guy

    Sorry for your loss. I know how you feel. I bought my '02 Sport Trac with my share of my dad's life insurance shortly after he died. Like you said, the truck is nice, but would rather have Dad.
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    Parts For Sale Gen 1 topper and bed extender

    You should be able to get a check for the truck and keep the truck. My daughter's car was totalled, but driveable, a few years ago. Got a decent check, and kept driving the car for several years. If you don't get a settlement that allows you to keep the truck, you likely won't be able to sell...
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    Scored a Bed Extender for $15 Today! But... the Mounting holes on my Trac are Not threaded? How do I install it??

    What you're calling a post is what we're talking about. They screw in, but if the truck didn't leave the factory with an extender, the posts aren't there and the holes aren't threaded.
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    Scored a Bed Extender for $15 Today! But... the Mounting holes on my Trac are Not threaded? How do I install it??

    I used door striker bolts I got at the salvage yard. I got my extender from someone who'd sold/traded their truck and I didn't get the bolts. I think the ones I used were from a Focus. If you have one bolt, you can find a match. I kind of guessed.
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    Gasoline Mileage

    I get around 16- 16 1/2 mpg in the summer in my '02 in mixed driving. 18-20 on longer highway trips. My '01 gets around 14 or so. I cleaned the MAF in it a few years ago, and it made a noticeable difference in power, and gas mileage improved a little bit. Probably need to do it again. You...
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    Scored a Bed Extender for $15 Today! But... the Mounting holes on my Trac are Not threaded? How do I install it??

    It can be done using the bolts you have. They will cut the threads as you force them to screw into the holes, but it's difficult to keep them straight, and it takes considerable effort to turn them. Using the correct size tap is MUCH easier. I did one hole with the bolt, and bought a tap for the...