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  1. Drenalinbobo

    Removal of instrument cluster screen 2008 ST

    Yes indeed it’s removable as it has tabs inserted into assembly. Removing is a delicate task, that could cause you to crack lens, at the tabs. Lens is made out of hard plastic. Ask me how I know(?), and I even had proper trim tools. All I’m stating is, be careful with process, and you can...
  2. Drenalinbobo

    Removal of instrument cluster screen 2008 ST

    Emory, cluster must be removed. However, I’d recommend not separating from the housing, as it’s tricky to do and you may end up cracking the lens! Depending on your mechanical ability the cluster itself, is not difficult, but requires a little care in the process. Personally, if the “speckles”...
  3. Drenalinbobo

    Inexpensive Self Tuning?

    Hey guys!! Has anyone had any experience with this “tuner”? I recently installed on my 2010 4.6L. I purchased a mid-grade unit, did noticed only a slight difference on power, but power band was a lot more linear. Have not driven...
  4. Drenalinbobo

    Improvement to my new Trac

    Fantastic job!
  5. Drenalinbobo

    OEM sticker still on engine at 150k miles?

    Saliva. I used to spit-shine my ROTC uniform standard belt buckle and even my shoes before a drill. Very little money to buy polish back then, but were the best times ever!
  6. Drenalinbobo

    Gen 2 Subwoofer upgrade

    Yes! I’d like to know as well, since I just replaced my factory 6 disc changer head unit for a Sony Apple Car Play unit that sounds clean, but sub though working, lacks depth. I’d like to use same enclosure/amp if all possible. I don’t need to rattle other cars windows in traffic bass, just...
  7. Drenalinbobo

    What did you do to your Sport Trac today?

    I finally installed my white gauge inlay’s from . I was having problems seeing my indicators during day/glare. Replacing these made a huge difference without trying to purchase a used factory white panel, then getting it programmed for mileage.
  8. Drenalinbobo

    Check Parking Aid light is on…

    Great! Just ordered one! Thanks.
  9. Drenalinbobo

    Factory Sub Driver Upgrade?

    I’m keeping enclosure, just need to replace driver……
  10. Drenalinbobo

    What is your tie down set up?

    Can those be had aftermarket?
  11. Drenalinbobo

    Factory Sub Driver Upgrade?

    Great point Todd. That’s probably what I’d do then. Maybe a quality physically small amp with great dynamic headroom on a 3 or 4 ohm driver. I would assume that aftermarket harnesses are available.
  12. Drenalinbobo

    Factory Sub Driver Upgrade?

    I want to do a slightly move away from my factory sound system, I bought a Sony head unit, along with some JBL drivers for the factory door cavities. Now I’m at the point where I am looking to replace my factory subwoofer’s driver. Driver only, I’m keeping enclosure. I measured it at 7”(?)...
  13. Drenalinbobo

    '04 Trac front alignment? Is the shop trying to trick me??

    They will not take your parts because they make the $$$ markup of replacement parts. I just had a front diff seal leak, seals themselves priced at $45 each, and a cool 5+ hrs labor. I later saw the seals at less than 15 clams each. Yet another shop I’ll be avoiding. Why did I study in college...
  14. Drenalinbobo

    Instrument Cluster Visual Appearance Change?

    It’d probably work for me, as I’m getting older, and making less twilight drives (unless it’s an emergency). My main problem is the daylight, seems too dark in the cluster at times. I’ve been able to compare the white faceplate VS my black ones during the day, and I preferred the lighter always.
  15. Drenalinbobo

    Instrument Cluster Visual Appearance Change?

    Yeah odd. But I wanted to get one of these for a while, so it wasn’t a deal breaker. I thought I could figure out down the road.
  16. Drenalinbobo

    New guy

    My deepest sympathies, Kevin. I recently joined this group also, since I just acquired an Adrenalin with part of a small inheritance my beloved mother left her kids. She passed away of Alzheimer’s this past September. Like you, I’d love to have her back a million times over, but we are assured...
  17. Drenalinbobo

    Instrument Cluster Visual Appearance Change?

    Ok, I found this: though it has different years described on the eBay post, it might be worth the try. If not, I can always return. I will post result in the near future!
  18. Drenalinbobo

    Instrument Cluster Visual Appearance Change?

    I will remember to let you know. ;)
  19. Drenalinbobo

    Instrument Cluster Visual Appearance Change?

    That’s awesome! Lol..
  20. Drenalinbobo

    Instrument Cluster Visual Appearance Change?

    I want to keep going on mine, it’s been my dream truck- so I’ll put the little money as I can to make it right! Looking at you Adrenalin, just gave me the “ganas” to keep forging ahead! Yours is very nice, hope you enjoy for a very long time! Cheers.