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  1. JerryRigour

    Parts Wanted Gen 2 chrome grill.. wanted

    Hey RT, you never emailed me back about my chrome grille. Not in good enough condition? It’s not perfect, but it only had 52k miles on it, I doubt there are much better. All good if you’re looking for another
  2. JerryRigour

    Gen 2 Truxxx or Spacer lift - Upper control arm problems - Working on fix

    First pic is the initial install and alignment of BTF and Truxxx. Second pic is with new wheels and tires + alignment, upgrade to 32”. Stock suspension. To me it looks like there is less of a camber issue with the bigger tires, I told the 2nd shop about the issue beforehand and I think they...
  3. JerryRigour

    Gen 2 Truxxx or Spacer lift - Upper control arm problems - Working on fix

    I actually got the BTF UCA and it still has a camber issue. Can’t get a perfect alignment, two different shops have confirmed this. It’s very close though, and obviously a beefier component that with withstand much more than OEM. I emailed BTF about it and they were going to “look into it” and...
  4. JerryRigour

    Gen 2 - Questions on Roof Rack And/Or Bed Racks

    Thanks, at least it gives me a ballpark! Although I have a gen2 despite my bed rack example picture being a gen1. Even if it’s half that, 4 tie downs at 350 each should be plenty for that bed rack.
  5. JerryRigour

    Gen 2 - Questions on Roof Rack And/Or Bed Racks

    I’ve never pulled the trigger on the bed rack because I want to level it with my roof rack. Plus, I can’t find the weight limits for the tie downs—I’d like to know that first. Can’t seem to find the metric.
  6. JerryRigour

    Gen 2 - Questions on Roof Rack And/Or Bed Racks

    I’ve had this same issue. I’ve put it on the back burner because I have other project ideas to spend my money on in the meantime. Prinsu pissed me off, I’ve emailed them twice about something that would fit around the roof rails and both times the pricks responded with, “we have some that would...
  7. JerryRigour

    Installing an E Locker

    2010 gen2 XLT 4x4 I’m looking to upgrade my gear ratio once I get bigger tires, and in that same project I want to install an E locker in the rear diff. This project is quite complex, and I’ll likely get a 4x4 shop to do it, but I’m curious if there are any major conflicts with doing so...
  8. JerryRigour

    Parts Wanted WTB - Cold Air Intake for 4.6 Gen2

    I know there’s a guy selling one on Facebook. His name is Andrew Dykeman out of eastern Canada, “Ford Explorer Sport Trac Owners” group. Might have sold it by now, idk
  9. JerryRigour

    Vehicle Wanted WTB 2008-2010 4.6 LTD or Adrenalin

    Hey Robert, I recently saw one posted in the Salt Lake City, Utah area. It is listed for $16,000, with 118k miles. 2010
  10. JerryRigour

    Flowmaster 40 exhaust

    @rtbehm any chance you’ve got a link? Looking for an exhaust upgrade and it’s a headache finding a proper match.
  11. JerryRigour

    Fuse for Daytime Running Lights

    I found this page that details the fuse boxes: However, after looking through it multiple times, I’m struggling to know which fuse I should piggyback for my DRL. It’s a 2010 XLT if you...
  12. JerryRigour

    Vehicle Wanted Wtb 2010 sport trac 4wd

    Depending on how far you are willing to travel, you can find them all over the country on Facebook marketplace. Most I see listed are around 115k-135k miles though, a little higher than your ideal. But there are definitely some out there! I bought one like your description for $14,500 and 52k...
  13. JerryRigour

    Bought a G2! Need Suggestions

    Is the solution one or the other then? Or just different sized spacers?
  14. JerryRigour

    Bought a G2! Need Suggestions

    Monroe quick struts + truxxx suspension spacer (2.5 front, 2.0 rear) Does this equate to ~3.5 front, 3.0 rear, or less? Is this too much? I plan on getting btf UCA at the same time, I’m assuming they will ask how much of a lift I have
  15. JerryRigour

    Bought a G2! Need Suggestions

    Do you feel like you could notice a difference? And do you have any clue what the actual upgrade is? I have heard about the TB upgrade many times, but I’m not sure if it is slightly bigger in diameter? More sensitive connection to the pedal? What is the actual difference from stock TB?
  16. JerryRigour

    Bought a G2! Need Suggestions

    Do you have a link by chance? Everywhere I have looked for a flow master says there is no matching model for the 2010 4.0L!