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  1. Todd Z

    Breaks or brakes or ball joints or hub bearings lol

    Some from Blue and Black and other crap from George’s 2001. But yes that is a hub bearing that completely snapped and broke. it was a long weekend. Lol.
  2. Todd Z


    Just a little tidbit of help, look at the date of the thread your commenting on, I see posts from 2011 and other old posts being commented on that are dead and gone. Start a new thread and new discussion to keep it all warm and fuzzy !!! Thanks
  3. Todd Z

    Members not getting emails, same for new people

    Hey!! i’ve been seeing a lot of traffic on Facebook with people complaining that they’re trying to register and not getting the emails or they’re trying to get their old passwords and stuff and I’m not receiving any emails from the site. You may want to look into the issue.
  4. Todd Z

    A little Steering change for both Black and Blue !!!!

    Changed them in both Black and Blue...... Whatcha think ?
  5. Todd Z

    The Repair / Replacement of Blacks Rear End

    Well it was a long day of on your back work, We got it done !! Huge thanks to George for helping out !! Replaced the seals, stub shaft Bearings, axle clips, bolts and Frame and diff bushings ( Requires special ford tools to do. SO since I know I have what worked, I may "rent" them to...
  6. Todd Z

    Black Beauty Rear go CRACK !!!

    Well I developed a squeak upon acceleration and it would go away, or if I hit the gas and let off it squeaked loud and stopped. WELL !!!! I think I found it !!! WTF man !!! Finding a low mile 3:73 was tough but I got one, mounts and bolts, time for a repair on a 38K mile truck !!! WTF...
  7. Todd Z

    Blue is back home!!

    Blue is back home. Todd Z
  8. Todd Z

    Blues transmission is toast :-(.

    Well the transmission in the 2010 Adren just took a dump at 86k. The computer went bad at 81k. I don't know what's going to happen. Can't see dropping a total of 7k into this truck. It's frustrating!!
  9. Todd Z

    New Battery and Hub Bearing for Blue !

    Also worked on Blue this past weekend. 2 things. The airbag light was on for a few months, When scanned it showed the Passenger seat sensor. This was a FALSE reading. Check your battery !!! The battery was low on volts and since I don?t drive it I did not hear the sluggish starts. Drop a...
  10. Todd Z

    70K mile Gen 2 V8 Radiator Leak !! UPDATE

    Well just got bit by the 70K mile Gen2 v8 radiator leak..... Ordered a new one, Same size,,,,, Some replacements are not Be careful !! Todd Z
  11. Todd Z FOR SALE !!!!

    All, Sadly it has come to that time where George and I can no longer hold on to and run the site. We would like to extend the opportunity to a member here to purchase the site under the understanding that they keep it up and running. SERIOUS inquiries only. Thank you, Sadly...
  12. Todd Z

    Gen 2 - 3.55 to 3.73 ?? 4.10?

    Just thinking out loud. The 3.73 are the gears in the v6 Gen2. The v8 Gen 2 came with 3.55. This is a direct bolt in gear change. Both diffs my cost are about $500 bucks front and back. ( I would replace seals and gaskets) Thoughts if the .18 Ratio change is worth it? or just...
  13. Todd Z

    Thank you to Vic and Amsoil!!

    A public thank you to Vic Sorlie for supporting the site and I got my order today of all the stuff to service blue for her 60,000. Sorry I'm not putting any aftermarket transmission fluid in her so that'll be factory. :-) Thank you Vic!!!!! Todd Z [Broken External Image]:
  14. Todd Z

    Transfer case rebuild photos.
  15. Todd Z

    UPDATE: PHOTOS :Transfer case rebuild

    Well, I decided to tackle the project and re seal and gasket my transfer case. It was leaking from 4 of the 5 potential areas..LOL.... I bought a rebuild kit, seals, slides, gaskets, Ultra Grey sillycone and trans gasket. the OEM bolts were all loose and the tranny ones were...
  16. Todd Z

    What would you do -transfer case

    Hello all just checking in! I am doing a bunch of work on green and doing a ton of work to green lately and I'm on one of my last big projects. The issue I'm having is my transfer case is leaking from the center seem of the case. There is no gasket it's only silicone . I am having a tough...
  17. Todd Z

    Can any one run a VIN for me?

    Missing my 98 stang, Curious where she is ???? 1FAFP4049WF192661 Thanks Todd Z
  18. Todd Z

    R and R book time for Transfer Case

    Any one have the book time or know the standard charged time to R&R the transfer case in my 2003?... The case is leaking, I tightened it once already but the stupid sillycone has just failed.... Just trying to figure time needed or if its worth it to let my buddy at the tranny shop...