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  1. Blown09

    Replaced Control Arms, now this..

    Your observation of the rub mark on the sway bar is a key point. Check the sway bar bushings. If they are shot, they will allow the bar to shift side to side. Now that you have the rubbing noise in each direction makes me think they have let go a bit more now. The only other things that could...
  2. Blown09

    Idle Swing Arm Percentage

    It’s a spring. The more you pull( the direction to release tension on the belt) the more pressure it exerts on the belt. That said, the tensioner should live around the middle for 95% of the applications out there. You don’t want it close to either end of the spectrum as it will bottom out or...
  3. Blown09

    HELP !!!! Serpentine belt stress test (To my Sanity!)

    If the belt is popping off, something is out of alignment or a pulley has excessive bearing play(or an accessory)… orrr it’s option A from above.
  4. Blown09

    HELP !!!! Serpentine belt stress test (To my Sanity!)

    I’m REALLY trying to understand the issue here….. The original belt, that wasn’t squealing-then started squealing, the same size replacement doesn’t fit properly now. Was this before or after you swapped tensioners? Are the pulleys on the tensioners the same size? This shouldn’t be this hard...
  5. Blown09

    HELP !!!! Serpentine belt stress test (To my Sanity!)

    From what I gathered… you noticed a squeal after an oil change. An oil change by whom? Did you check to make sure no oil was spilled on the belt? Or other liquid. As for the new belt, and old belt matching length… it sounds like you need to confirm belt routing before you try a shorter belt. I...
  6. Blown09

    What did you do to your Sport Trac today?

    I may have a problem… 🤣 But 12psi feels pretty damn good tho! Everyone pray for my rods 🫣🫣
  7. Blown09


    Holy old thread Batman! But there’s a couple threads around that have all the info you need for modifying shorties from the stang.
  8. Blown09

    Water Pump Issues causes "back order" at Ford?

    I’ve done it in a pinch when I’ve had to reuse the original gasket(or what was left of it)… it’ll certainly seal up. And I’m sure the few times I’ve had to do it have lasted more than a while too. But you run the risk of the gasket sliding and not being in the correct position(among the other...
  9. Blown09

    Water Pump Issues causes "back order" at Ford?

    When it comes to metal gaskets, raised part of gasket goes towards the part being installed, IF the gasket isn’t a one-way fit. Also, NEVER put sealant on a paper gasket(unless it indicates such-very very rare). Gasket’s are designed to seal by themselves. Introducing an extra layer of sealant...
  10. Blown09

    What did you do to your Sport Trac today?

    Installed a Roush Tensioner today. I got all the belt tension now!
  11. Blown09

    Brake fluid disappears

    Orrrrr… and hear me out…. Aliens. But seriously, there are only a handful of places to look, and if your mechanic can’t find it, I would suggest taking it somewhere else.
  12. Blown09

    6r80 auto trans issues

    Check your driver side motor mount, and carrier bearing as well.
  13. Blown09

    6r80 auto trans issues

    I’m fairly certain a capacitor discharge will clear the tables. This involves removing both positive and negative battery terminals from the battery and isolating them from the battery(not touching the posts). Then you put a jumper wire between the two cables for a few mins. Disconnect the...
  14. Blown09

    6r80 auto trans issues

    The first gen 6r80’s had some issues with wear in the valve body. There are some kits that can clean the bores up. Kinda sounds like 6th may be hanging up/open. But, I would start first with a reset of the trans tables and go through a relearn procedure, as that’s easy and free to do(easier if...
  15. Blown09

    Just a girl and her truck! 😁

    I would be careful with aftermarket headlights. I went through 3 sets to find an ok set. As stated, with any of them, resealing them is key. I would use black window adhesive(which is what I used) as it falls into the gaps better, and last longer than regular silicone. This is the set that’s...
  16. Blown09

    The new Durango Trac

    A friend went down to Mexico this weekend, saw the brand new Durango! 🤣🤣 He said he’s seen it before in his town, but didn’t get a picture. This time he saw it, but it looked like it was recently in an accident. He said before it was in the accident, the body lines were almost perfect. 🤣🤷🏼‍♂️
  17. Blown09

    Mustang shift knob in 2007 Sport-trac

    There’s a couple videos on how to install a Ford Flex shifter on the YouTubezz I bet it’s very similar to what you need
  18. Blown09

    TPMS Module

    Tpms tool: And any 315mhz tpms will work. Just don’t buy any set less than $50-60 and you should be good.
  19. Blown09


    Find a different mechanic? Also, Year and details of the truck would help. Looks like a 2nd gen, but what engine? Sounds like the radiator fan isn’t engaging 100%.
  20. Blown09

    Gen1-2 Spindle differences

    Well that sucks. I was going to do the Aviator swap a few months ago(had everything ready to purchase from donor truck), but stumbled upon a company that makes a BBK for the Gen 1’s. Really wanted to go that route instead. 13” rotors are a good upgrade, but even those would be a bit over worked...