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  1. napierjohn

    What the heck and what's the fix?

    The photo shows the issue. Noticed it 10 miles from the gas station. Yeah, I'm hoping the fix will be something like "spray the ________ down w WD-40" but I know better. 3 days later, it's still the same. Thanks in advance.
  2. napierjohn

    2001 Sport Track

    I like the tank in the background of your 1st post photo. Good looking truck, too.
  3. napierjohn

    2007 4.0 l sport trac reliability

    Anyone have some information on Dillard000's suggestion of ' * 33kMiles\4Yr Trans ATF+Filter+ValveBodyBoltReTorq+BandAdjust ' Any 'How to" guides you know of off the top of your head?
  4. napierjohn

    Engine shakes and surges in neutral at 3000 rpm

    So does the rev limiter mechanism make the engine surge at 3000 rpms?
  5. napierjohn

    Engine shakes and surges in neutral at 3000 rpm

    This site has been a great resource for me so thanks guys. I have an engine issue I'm hoping a wrench turner or two around here could help me resolve. My 2004 4.0 4WD with 145,000 miles has a strange engine issue. I don't often rev my engine too high but found recently when I rev the engine in...
  6. napierjohn


    I have read that the passenger seat can replace the driver's.
  7. napierjohn

    Coolant Leak to Nowhere?

    Just replaced mine. Did the 2 tensioners since that job gives you easy access to one. Solved the leak and the 'chain slap upon cold start' issue.
  8. napierjohn

    wheel well top splash guard...

    Good job, too, on painting some of the underbody parts black.
  9. napierjohn

    Clunk sound immediately after starting

    Is it the notorious chain slap? Searching for 'timing chain tensioners' would help you find how people describe that sound. Very common and serious for 4.0 SOHC in these things. Gotta remove the engine if the rear timing chain fails. I just changed both mine out and it took about 4 hours...
  10. napierjohn

    new to ST's. Bought a 2004 two weeks ago

    Thanks for the fine welcome and the knowledge. Just watched a video on those tensioners and added that to my 'HaveToDo' list. I have lots to learn about this truck and it's nuances. Happy to hear about any other things to check / do. Thanks.
  11. napierjohn

    Paint issues anyone? What do you think about this?

    Just got this truck and it has paint issues. I really don't know the history of the truck and the seller sure wasn't going to tell me anything I could trust. He owned it for 3 months before selling it. He swore the paint issues (paint peeling down to the metal on the front fenders and the...
  12. napierjohn

    new to ST's. Bought a 2004 two weeks ago

    Also noticed the body mount bushing rubber is falling apart on several. Gotta check the engine mounts. Most likely gonna replace all that, too.
  13. napierjohn

    new to ST's. Bought a 2004 two weeks ago

    My brother raves about his 2001 that just keeps charging hard so I made the plunge and bought this 2004 XLT in southern Indiana for $4800 with 140,000 miles on it. Missing several pats to include tonneau, bed extender, center console (though bug out bag is there), and front tow hooks. It also...
  14. napierjohn

    Having issues filling gas tank on 2007 Sport Trac,

    It happened to my mother's Sorento. It was the evaporator canister. I had to unclog it several times and then finally wadded up steel wool as a mesh screen to stop the charcoal grains from clogging the air passage.
  15. napierjohn

    Improvement to my new Trac

    Thanks. I have seen photos of roller / sponge bumper painting and it really works out well.
  16. napierjohn

    Improvement to my new Trac

    Looks great - the effect I want. I will do mine in a few weeks and am researching best methods right now. What method / paint type did you use? Why so? Lots of conflicting information out there and lots of bumpers out there that are easily scratched.