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  1. Doug Kaye

    Hello Trac-ers

    handsome truck, very nice.. also interested in details of that ammo can console.. my console bag got stolen, now I have a random assortment of ballcaps and other junk that mostly falls out and disappears under the seats..
  2. Doug Kaye

    Hello from Central Florida

    excellent ! that's a really nice-looking Trac.. mine is 2004, black, and very rusty underneath ;-) taking it and my son hunting tomorrow.. pic in Palisade CO on a peach farm, my truck also takes me fishing and peach-picking.. truly allpurpose.. ha
  3. Doug Kaye

    What did you do to your Sport Trac today?

    busted my arm rest by leaning on it to reach something in the back seat, stupid. It's a silly little piece of plastic under there, not surprising it busted. The replacement part appears to be about $150, that is silly too. part # is 3L2Z-78047A20-AAE available a few places, some Ford dealers...
  4. Doug Kaye

    Where is your rust?

    my 2004 had extensive rust on everything underbody when I got it in 2017. Oddly the body is still in good shape, no tailgate or door problems. I'm not sure if it ever lived in a salt state, thought it was in Colorado mostly, but I've never seen rust like that on any other car I've owned in CO...
  5. Doug Kaye

    Brake fluid disappears

    calipers can be tricky.. my son's WRX had leaky calipers but I couldn't see anything at first, had to clean everything up, calipers, lines etc then inspect a couple of times, to pin it down..
  6. Doug Kaye

    Parts Wanted 2007 XLT lug nuts for the stock aluminum wheels.

    can confirm, just replaced 20 lugnuts on the Acura MDX with Dormans, because the OEM lugnuts are the two-piece ones and they are swelling up looking nasty.. my 2004 has standard lugnuts and I expect them to last the life of the vehicle, which quite possibly will be mine too..
  7. Doug Kaye

    What did you do to your Sport Trac today?

    as Powly says - shouldn't be too hard to find bumper parts in the scrapyards ? 127k miles is just getting started ;-) Also, fairly sure a back-in to the bumper will not have done structural damage. My bumper is bent down from a rear-end collision and I'm just driving it, frame is straight and...
  8. Doug Kaye

    Check charging system

    my 2004 has two ground cables between body and frame, located roughly below driver and passenger door on each side. If these are badly corroded this will cause the battery light flicker, and strange fluctuating voltages when doing the checks that Dillard mentioned. I was seeing 11v to 17v...
  9. Doug Kaye

    4.0L tune up suggestions

    my service manual says for 100k: plugs, replace coolant, pcv valve. I also did wires with the plugs, have had too many experiences with weird misfires in wet weather after the wires cracked invisibly. The coolant is every 50k after 100k. In my case I had a radiator leak meantime and got it...
  10. Doug Kaye

    windscreen problem

    yes, think I'm going to get it replaced by the cheapest bid and then seal as necessary - silicon can cover many problems..
  11. Doug Kaye

    windscreen problem

    sorry, I guess windscreen is English for windshield.. I do ok on hood/bonnet and trunk/boot, still working on it though I'd rather have a leaky windshield than one disintegrating at 70mph because of all the cracks..
  12. Doug Kaye

    windscreen problem

    weird problem - tried to get my windscreen replaced. The paint has come off the bodywork just above the screen seal. There is some surface discoloration but no actual corrosion or rust flakes that I can see. But they refused to replace my windscreen, said there was too much rust to get a good...
  13. Doug Kaye

    former sport trac owners what do you drive now?

    Maverick, if I could find a hybrid for anything near MSRP..
  14. Doug Kaye

    Transmission fluid change and when to perform differential service?

    my rear diff was rebuilt by a previous owner at 85k. I did a differential oil change at 150k, it came out looking pretty nasty. So I plan to do it at 200 and 250k, and will re-evaluate after that.. ha.
  15. Doug Kaye

    Tire Wear

    the first set of tires I had, thought I could get another trip out of them. Down in New Mexico on a Sunday evening taking the canoes out, noticed the steel belt was showing.. didn't tell my wife and drove, carefully, back to Denver..
  16. Doug Kaye

    What did you do today?

    Get well soon Ed.. replaced the alternator, and found out the 2004 model year had two different alternators.. the first one I ordered didn't fit. Returned that for a refund, and took the old one down to the local auto parts place to make sure I got a physical match. Most of the local places...
  17. Doug Kaye

    Tire Wear

    Clearly alignment problems.. the tires on mine were worn like that, I got an alignment and some new tires which wore exactly the same way. After the second alignment (at a different shop) the second set of new tires is doing much better. As Kale says, need to get the before and after spec...
  18. Doug Kaye

    Pre/Post timing chain issues of early Gen1

    that's what I'm doing ;-) at 162k so far.. Not sure if my tensioners were ever changed but previous 2 owners were both engineers, and one of them replaced the plastic thermostat housing with a nice alu one.. so I'm hopeful they did it. Most every interaction with the nuts and bolts on mine...
  19. Doug Kaye

    2007 Right front wheel bearing

    see previous thread, I replaced both my front wheel bearings with Timken from RockAuto. One rotor was replaced and those bearings have been fine for about 40k now. The other reused the old rotor...
  20. Doug Kaye

    Vehicle For Sale 2003 Sport track Unicorn. 4x4 Manual for sale

    ugh I too want a Maverick but I'm not even on the list yet.. missed the order window this year, will have to try again next year. So my Sport Trac and I will have to hang on another couple years.. At 160k I'm hoping to get to 200k at least, but my new Maverick might not be ready by then ;-)