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    Scan Tool

    A laptop and forscan and A Bluetooth obd11
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    Wireing diagram

    Someone on the Facebook page was kind enough to post the wiring Diag.
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    Wireing diagram

    Looking for wiring for 2010 st sunroof. Looking for a keyed hot wire up there for a dash cam.
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    2002 ST Headlight Lens Replacement

    They would not be any cheaper with out bulbs. But clear lenses won't help the led bulbs
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    Stuck in the carwash again

    Automatic 4 wheel drive, when the back wheels are turning and the front aren't it thinks you lost traction in the rear and 4 wheel kicks in
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    Parts Wanted Gen 2 chrome grill.. wanted
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    Soft top caps??

    Thhay are not made for ST anymore
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    Stuck in the carwash again

    I read some where that on second gen you have to pull the fuse for aotomatic 4 wheel drive to go through a belt drive carwash. Or it will kick in 4 high
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    Sliding power rear window and sunroof

    My 2010 xlt has both power rear window and a sun roof that slides open or tilts for vent.
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    Parts Wanted wind deflector

    I can confirm the GTS 57315 fits gen 2. My 2010
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    Headliner coming loose at windshield.

    Cause is age and heat if it sits in the sun much. Your headliner needs recovered.
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    Fuse for Daytime Running Lights

    If your adding the led raptor type lights. I just spliced into parking lights, I run mine in auto lights so thay are always on when lights are. You can download an owners manual from the link in my sig.
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    What is your tie down set up?

    Here is how I hook straps
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    2010 navigation update

    I put a tail gate camera on my 99 f150. But when I had to haul with the tail gate down the camera was useless. So I moved it to the tag.
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    2005 12V Bed Outlet doesn't work?

    Have you pulled the outlet and checked the wires? trace the wire and check the ground.
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    2005 12V Bed Outlet doesn't work?

    My 2010 has a fuse marked cargo area power point. You can download a manual for your truck here. Owner Manuals (
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    Should Tonneau cover locks match ignition key?

    My 2010 ignition key fits tonneau cover, tail gate, doors. Try spraying the locks with penetrating oil and working the key
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    Overlay "FORD" Lettering

    I had the lettering waterjet out of aluminum diamond plate. I also have the letters from the ranger raptor from ale express that need trimmed down to fit. If someone near st. pete fl
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    The hood trim and letters are painted black chrome. The pic doesn't show the true colors. I have the raptor style lights on order.