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  1. Ocala Tom

    Hello from northern indiana

    Welcome! So is everyone here. Enjoy!
  2. Ocala Tom

    Greetings from Orlando

    welcome! i have a 2010 LTD V8 4x4 the same color. i love my ST too!
  3. Ocala Tom

    New Member in Oklahoma

    Welcome to the forum and nice find. I think that is a great vehicle. I wish you well with it. You'll need a 14mm plug wrench and it appears that they have resolved the broken spark plug problems that earlier modular 3v motors have had. I just put a set of champion iridiums in mine because i...
  4. Ocala Tom


    Good morning, yesterday I completed a tuneup with a sparkplug change. I hap been putting it off as I was afraid that I was going to have plug removal issues, but all 8 came out just fine. This thing needed a 14mm socket for plug removal and replacement and the 1st one I tried with a 1/" drive...
  5. Ocala Tom

    New to me 2002 Sport Trac

  6. Ocala Tom

    My 2003 Explorer Sport Trac XLT 4.0L V6 4x4

    I like Moog front end parts. I've used their stuff for 40 years with no issues
  7. Ocala Tom

    My 2003 Explorer Sport Trac XLT 4.0L V6 4x4

    Thank you. I'm gonna keep these tools just in case.
  8. Ocala Tom

    My 2003 Explorer Sport Trac XLT 4.0L V6 4x4

    I tried to quote Ole with this question but was unsuccessful.. What are the other 2 well known issues you mentioned beside the plugs? I'm getting ready to change the plugs in mu 2010 Ltd and I have an extractor tool on standby should I need it. I read somewhere that Ford changed the head in...
  9. Ocala Tom

    Hola from Arizona, new owner of a 2007 Sport Trac .

    Welcome Shawn. I have your st's twin except for the wheels. I like your wheels better🤣
  10. Ocala Tom

    Howdy from OK

  11. Ocala Tom

    Edlebrock Supercharger

    Very interesting thread. I will be following this as at some point, I would like to build an explorer with a 4v 4.6 and include a blower. I have a tuner friend but he is more of a Mopar guy. I used to have a Dakota r/t 5.9 that he tuned for me. I'm not much of a gearhead these days but now that...
  12. Ocala Tom

    Hello from Nebraska!

    I'll be looking for another 2nd gen ST as the one I have currently has some rust issues. I like the 4wd and 4 wheel independent suspension. I might end up with a newer explorer suv as well.
  13. Ocala Tom

    My Sport Trac Upgrade

    Welcome! I have your new ST's twin.
  14. Ocala Tom

    Upcoming issues

    My plan is to freshen up everything from the cats back. What size pipe do you recommend and do you know of anyone who offers a tune for this setup? I also plan to use stock air filter equipment with a K&N replacement filter. Thanks for your attention. tom
  15. Ocala Tom

    Upcoming issues

    Thanks for the speedy reply. I'll look into the f150 muffler.
  16. Ocala Tom

    Upcoming issues

    Good morning to All. I am anticipating some issues with regard to transmission cooler lines and exhaust manifold/systems in the future as my 2010 Ltd 4x4 4.6 began it's life in the northern region and it has some rust issues. Does anyone here know if there are sources outside of oem parts...
  17. Ocala Tom

    Brown wire Gen 2 anyone done this?

    I'm getting ready to do this too. I'm not an offroader. I bought my ST to tow my RV.
  18. Ocala Tom

    Hello from Nebraska!

    Welcome! I'm a newbie here as well. I bought a 2010 Ltd 4.6 to tow my 29' RV. These are very smooth rides.
  19. Ocala Tom

    LED replacement

    Got a Link for those bulbs?