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  1. Fordtruckfan89

    Extended Travel CV Axle Half Shafts

    Unless you cut the front control arms it can't drop much. And then you have the issue of the front CV driveshaft angle being worse.
  2. Fordtruckfan89

    Atoto S8 Standard—Installed in my ST….Wow!

    Had to cut the bezel for this one too?
  3. Fordtruckfan89

    Front Hitch

    Got any pictures of it installed?
  4. Fordtruckfan89

    Extended Travel CV Axle Half Shafts

    I think you'd have to fabricate it.
  5. Fordtruckfan89

    Extended Travel CV Axle Half Shafts

    They suck. Boots rip after a couple months
  6. Fordtruckfan89

    Bulletproof Front Sway Bar End Links

    Rod holds up fine. Still using it
  7. Fordtruckfan89

    Bulletproof Front Sway Bar End Links

    I did the same recently. I made extended length links by using 7/16 b7 (grade 5 threaded rod) matches the height of the torsion twisted front end. I think I used 12" pieces. Used metal lock nuts and put red loctite on one to act like a bolt so I could tighten the nut on the other end.
  8. Fordtruckfan89

    Pre/Post timing chain issues of early Gen1

    The balance shaft was used after 03, I know mine has it. I'd also suggest the PCV bypass where you use a breather instead of sucking it through the intake
  9. Fordtruckfan89

    Which is truly the Best Spark Plug For a 2nd Gen 2007 Explorer Sport Trac 4.0 V6?

    Your maf may have oil on it from the k&n, mine did that, I switched back to stock
  10. Fordtruckfan89

    Extended Travel CV Axle Half Shafts

    Good to know. I believe the precision brand from oreillys is reboxed trakmotive. Hoping they will stock these too or have them available.
  11. Fordtruckfan89

    K&N Intake Question (57-2564)

    When I compared intake air temps from my obd reader for the Fipk and stock, I consistently saw 20-40 degrees hotter than the stock one.
  12. Fordtruckfan89

    K&N Intake Question (57-2564)

    Could be, I swapped to the stock intake and a new Purolator filter, it's doing fine now. Probably doesn't help it has 240k on it.
  13. Fordtruckfan89

    K&N Intake Question (57-2564)

    03 4.0, black tube K&N fipk intake. Tried cleaning it and using less oil on the filter, still messed with it. Cleaned the maf pretty often too.
  14. Fordtruckfan89

    K&N Intake Question (57-2564)

    I just took one off my 03 because it idled like crap. The oil would get on the maf sensor
  15. Fordtruckfan89

    285/75/R16 VS 265/75/R16

    Probably depends on the rim width and backspacing
  16. Fordtruckfan89

    Ford Timing Chain Tensioner Cutaway

    Not every tensioner fails, I've compared my original ones and new ones, rear one on mine was weak. Front one was fine, probably why the front guide was in impeccable shape, and the rear guide was broke. They have to keep preload on the guides so they tension the chain and keep chain slap to a...
  17. Fordtruckfan89

    Plastic cladding

    I redid my trim with sem trim paint after I drove through some red paint spilled in the road. The attached picture is the stuff I used to do it
  18. Fordtruckfan89

    Possible throttle body issue?

    There's an oring in there for each side. I wouldn't sweat it unless it's running funny from it or you find anything actually broken.
  19. Fordtruckfan89

    question on timing chain failure

    Never seen the chains do that. My front spring tensioner broke, it ran and drove with a check engine light on.
  20. Fordtruckfan89

    4.0L SOHC Metal Reinforced Timing Chain Guides Possible?

    The 03 I have had the updated parts, the front chain was fine, rear was broke to hell as was the spring tensioner on the front.