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    Help with timing rattle

    No noise at all. I am just approaching 200K, I am thinking about taking it in and having it done. or just let it run it's course and replace with a jasper engine and transmission when the time comes. I live in Illinois and just trying to get a recent cost someone has incurred.
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    Help with timing rattle

    I am curious what route you ended up going with. Did you have the timing chain tensioners replaced? What was the cost and did you use a dealership or local garage. Thinking about having my done.
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    Trailer Towing control

    On my F-250 it was actually either taped or wire tied to the harness and I had to cut it loose. It took some searching because I was not sure what I was looking for. My 04 ST has the towing pack, but did not have EB plug. I had to go to etrailer they had a great video specific to 1st gen ST...
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    Tire Sizes

    Thanks for the Info.
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    Tire Sizes

    Can I put P255/70R16 tires on my factory rims (2004 ST XLT factory P235/70R16), has anyone done this without any problems. I do not want to have to do any mods to the truck, just put on bigger tires without any rubbing or clearance issues. Yes I do understand that there will be speed odometer...
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    Flashing OD light

    I went through the flashing O/D light on my 2004 Sport Trac. It was a shift module went out in the tranny. $750 to fix. Yours maybe something diffrent.
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    Manual Hubs

    Anyone know if there are after market manual hubs. Has anyone taken on this project. This has to got to help MPG.
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    New guy - prob buying a ST today!!!

    Is this another ST owner with his lower lip quivering and a tear rolling down his cheek. That someone is not nuts about his ST. If you get the tears out your eyes and even read through this site you will see this is a long time problem with the exploders, and has nothing to do with abuse. Read...
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    New guy - prob buying a ST today!!!

    If you read the front page of this fourm, it is to provide information to people who might be trying to buy a ST. That is what I am doing, I am not illiterate. I simplying providing the truth to a guy who is about to make the biggest mistake of his life. I refuse to be blinded to the of the...
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    New guy - prob buying a ST today!!!

    Do not do it. I own one and it is a piece of crap. Just start researching the tranny problems, that the explorer and sport trac have had. Search on this site about O/D light Flashing and see the results of this. This problem dates back to 1999. Mine just went out of Warranty 400 miles over...
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    Flashing O/D Light Off

    My light also went out, but they went ahead and did the TSB any way. I would recommend you get it fix. Long term slippage could result in more damage to your tranny.
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    Flashing O/D Light Off

    My 04 Sport-Trac just went out of warranty 36,400 miles when the O/D Light Off started Flashing. $700.00 later is seems to be working. After a little research on messagde boards for the explorer, this seems to be a common problem that dates back to 1998 to the present. There is an TSB on it so...
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    More Bad News From Ford HQ

    If they would build a decent product they would not be having these problems. I have a 04 Sport Trac, that has been nothing but a piece of junk. I am waiting now for it to get out of the shop agian this time for the O/D Light Off flashing. A shift Solenoid went out of it 700 miles after...
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    blinking light of death

    I have just went through this with my 04. It is 700 miles out of warranty and it is going to cost me $600.00. After reading all the posts on the internet about the tranny problems with the explorer series, and the dealership I am working with is worthless, I am trading the piece of crap in for...