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  1. Mike S 3

    Adrenalin 4x4 conversion

    It does.. after following these steps you can apply the neutral tow kit like any other 4x4 sport trac
  2. Mike S 3

    Adrenalin 4x4 conversion

    Any other Adrenalin owners make this change yet? Todd?
  3. Mike S 3

    Adrenalin 4x4 conversion

    I'm not active on FB, so please feel free to share this info over there, thanks! I think OEM style mods like this are great... Its the little things that keep me interested in a vehicle, love this truck!
  4. Mike S 3

    Looking for tire recommendations Had these for a few years. they look aggressive and at 265 are a bit wider than stock.
  5. Mike S 3

    Adrenalin 4x4 conversion

    I'm sure most of you are also on explorerforum, but I wanted to post here JIC some might miss it.... After lots of research I figured out how to convert an AWD Sport Trac Adrenalin to...
  6. Mike S 3


    Do you still have the roof rack rails?
  7. Mike S 3 to deactivate the system?

    I went ahead and put extra sensors in my winter wheels, but I considered a hack like this...
  8. Mike S 3

    transfer rims 2004 to 2010?

    Adrenalin wheels are +35... the 2004 wheels will fit fine and should have about the same width appearance wise, because the 04's are 7" wide and the adrenalin wheels are 8" wide... also the center bore of the hubs is the same which is nice too.
  9. Mike S 3

    gen 2 steering wheel black leather with silver trim

    Yes sir, still available! PM me your address to check shipping, thanks...
  10. Mike S 3

    gen 2 6R80 transmission filter OEM

    I know Todd! i saw your video you made.. my failure was nothing like that. I think the torque converter failed and sent metal shavings all thru the trans. issue started when the converter wouldn't 'unlock' when coming to a stop. it would even kill the engine like you didn't push in the...
  11. Mike S 3

    gen 2 6R80 transmission filter OEM

    I have a new in box unopened Motorcraft FT-171 transmission filter for sale. I bought it last year to do a pan drop and fluid change, but my original trans went out before I got the chance! the replacement transmission came with a new filter obviously so I have this new one just sitting in a...
  12. Mike S 3

    gen 2 steering wheel black leather with silver trim

    Good condition used steering wheel for sale. It is originally from a '08 mountaineer I believe, so it has silver metalic trim around the cruise and radio buttons. Leather is in great condition and has been kept clean and regularly conditioned. You will want to swap in your steering wheel...
  13. Mike S 3

    Gen 2 stereo & Bezel

    it's from a mountaineer, they had the silver trim option...
  14. Mike S 3

    Shifter assembly

    sorry to hear you have issues with the flex shifter, I'm 06blueZ on the explorer forum and posted that guide... if your horizontal pin is slipping out, it's not the flex shifter's fault, but your plastic vertical plunger is broken where the horizontal pin presses into it. you'll just need...
  15. Mike S 3

    Wheel sizes for 255/50/r20

    I have a feeling that the Adrenalin wheels are not very strong... I had two wheels that were hub bent from when I bought the truck used 5 years ago. wheel repair places tell me that when an alloy wheel is hub bent it's scrap... It's been a struggle the whole time I have owned this truck to...
  16. Mike S 3

    Black Beauty Rear go CRACK !!!

    Wow I've never seen that failure before! On a related note, the 6r80 in my 2010 adrenaline just went out..Just turned over 100k so relatively low miles. It wasn't a total failure like yours but there was a lot of glitter in the fluid. I'm going with a Ford reman unit due to the good...
  17. Mike S 3

    Hey All !!! Update on Blue !!

    looking good! what did you do to the wheels? did you have corrosion around the center caps like I do? wondering how involved that is to fix...
  18. Mike S 3

    Blues transmission is toast :-(.

    Sorry to hear.. was anything found to be the cause of the failure? I haven't heard of many 6R problems...
  19. Mike S 3

    Adrenaline - AWD

    I think a canadian spec will include daytime running lights that you can't turn off. your headlights will be on a dimmer on setting all the time. I have heard that a dealer can turn this off though. that's about the only canadian specific thing I have heard of...