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  1. Tylerxp2

    Side Steps Project Done!

    THIS is why being a member of this Forum is so beneficial. #1 Reason is the support from the other members. Big Shout Out to Cody who stepped up and sent me a full set of Brackets for my side steps. With all the mounting hardware included. Major Bonus 100%!!! The trucks filthy [tomorrow is...
  2. Tylerxp2

    The Pesky Side Steps

    Ok so before the Block Tester Showed up. I started this project. Yeah I'm an idiot. So learn from these pictures. Those bent to heck mounting brackets are from thinking its OK to keep them on when you go off road. I did that in 2011, today those brackets cost $106.00 each and up. Yup $600.00...
  3. Tylerxp2

    Block Tester Juice

    Not sure if my heart can take using this. So sick if looking for leaks I can't see or find. But the Coolant Tank is empty in days and the radiator is low as well. I'll return the radiator I ordered If its positive and trade it in. I hope Its negative 100% I'll run it twice to make sure. But...
  4. Tylerxp2

    Radiator Support Decals

    Another request please. Anyone know where I can order replacement decals for the serpentine belt and other Caution labels located on the Radiator Support? I've search but no luck on internet, hope someone had better luck than me.
  5. Tylerxp2

    Radiator Replacement Recommendations

    2004 ST 4X4 4.0 Liter A/C W/ Exterior Trans cooler Did I forget anything? Probably... I'm chasing the small leak or leaks and being going to be proactive and not waiting for a roadside failure with a 17 year old Radiator and a unwanted trip to the dealer for a near $1K repair. They already...
  6. Tylerxp2

    Running board Mounts & Hardware

    I am looking for the mounting brackets and hardware for running boards for my STA. My running boards are fine, just need the mounting brackets and hardware. DM me if your interested in selling a set for both sides. Thanks!
  7. Tylerxp2

    Over Drive Button

    Anyone else have an unresponsive Over Drive Button problem?
  8. Tylerxp2

    2004 Auto locking doors

    My 04 used to auto lock all the doors when I pressed the brake pedal after putting it in Drive. Anyone have a cure? Relay or fuse. I checked all the fuses first. FYI but you never know... Thanks!
  9. Tylerxp2

    Hello From Washington state

    Great Forum and people, really enjoy the everyone helping one another. Long time reader and original 2004 4x4 ST Adrenaline owner. Just hitting 95K milage and its starting to do some interesting things. Can't wait to see some comments on its problems and fixes. Its a great truck and never let...